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Warm Up A Chilly “Winter Night” With Samuel’s Latest Single

Gifting fans with an R&B/ballad single, Samuel released “Winter Night” the day before his birthday. Rather than performing on music shows or appearing on various variety programs, Samuel was able to spend precious time with his fans at a birthday fan meeting. Love for Samuel reaches far and wide, with a billboard advertisement in New York City testifying to the magnitude of fans’ adoration. “Winter Night” is definitely a song that can toast listeners’ hearts even in the coldest of weathers.

“Winter Night”

The song opens up slow like a lazy morning, then picks up pace with the chorus. Seeming like a typical R&B song, Samuel makes it his own with his honey vocals in the overlying harmonies, leaving Garnets around the world no doubt swooning to the sound of his voice. Within the lyrics, Samuel asks his one and only to simply be with him until the end of time, kindling the fire of their love though it may be icy out. About halfway through the track, a brass interlude between the verses refreshes the sound, adding an old-school jazz feeling to the confession song. Though still maintaining his boyish image, this song adds a more mature sound to Samuel’s repertoire. With the beat being so catchy, it’s no surprise that the hit-making Brave Brothers is behind the production of this track.

The Music Video

As opposed to the chill vibe of “Sixteen” or the vivid colors of “Candy,” “Winter Night” presents a heartfelt message from Samuel without needing any flashy choreography or a dramatic storyline. The music video for “Winter Night” is laid back, featuring Samuel in the studio showing viewers his personal touch, whether it’s in lyric writing, song recording, or track mixing. With no one to play the role of lover in sight, fans can imagine themselves on the receiving end as Samuel makes sure to provide lots of eye contact throughout the music video. While not the highest quality music video, Samuel easily charms viewers with his natural aegyo.

As the new year hits in full swing, Samuel has given us sweet warmth in the midst of an icy cold winter. Showing off his flexible artistry, it’s exciting to see what he will share with fans next!