4 With 7: Celebrating GOT7’s Anniversary

4 With 7: Celebrating GOT7’s Anniversary

January 16 marked the four-year anniversary of JYP Entertainment’s hip-hop boy group GOT7. In just 24 hours (January 15-16), Ahgase from all around the globe amassed over 600,000 tweets under the hashtag #4YearsWithGOT7 to celebrate the seven-membered group on all of their successes. It wasn’t just that hashtag either; there were over 300,000 tweets using just #GOT7 as well.

In four years, GOT7 has blossomed from a boy group into a strong unit with unwavering support for each other and their individual activities. Since debut, all of the members have slowly pursued other facets in entertainment in addition to participating in one of the most internationally beloved K-Pop groups. Jinyoung has appeared in hit dramas like Legend of the Blue Sea; BamBam has released a clothing line; Yugyeom danced on Hit the Stage; Jackson has a thriving solo career, to name just a few of their accomplishments.

However, GOT7’s true talent is on display not when they are apart, but when they perform together. So to congratulate GOT7 on four years, here are a few of their classic live performances.

The Song That Started It All - “Girls Girls Girls”

GOT7 made their debut on January 16, 2014 with the unashamedly catchy single “Girls Girls Girls.” It was a daring concept; seven boys taking the stage to unabashedly declare that all girls love them is definitely making a statement, especially when two of the members were only 16 years old at the time. Their debut performance of “Girls Girls Girls” on M!Countdown was a showstopper and the first glimpse into GOT7’s many talents. Add in a dash of aerial acrobatics by Jackson and Mark, slow motion choreography, and matching outfits, and it’s easy to see why their debut quickly warmed the hearts of new fans.

Flawless Choreography - “If You Do”

Whether it’s transforming into toys for “Just Right” or the tragedy of killing off every member except for Jinyoung in the Flight Log music video series — when GOT7 adheres to a concept, they go all out. They showed their dark, possessive sides for their “If You Do” comeback in 2015 — a song with arguably GOT7’s most difficult choreography. Dressed in all black, the members’ powerful footwork during the chorus was on display in full force at their performance on Inkigayo. What sells this performance is their incredible synchronicity; there’s not a foot out of place from any member as they dramatically sell the song. We weren’t the only ones impressed either; during promotions, Park Jinyoung took to Instagram to praise the group’s solidarity and hard work: “When I first came up with the choreography, it was different and difficult, so I was worried that the kids wouldn’t be able to learn it. It’s really hard to do the waves with your torso while turning your feet like that. Good job, GOT7!”

Cover Kings - “This Love”

GOT7 isn’t just good at their own songs either. The group performed a special stage of SHINHWA’s “This Love” at M!Countdown in 2016. Unfortunately, JB couldn’t participate in the stage, but his other members sold an amazing rendition of a song from one of K-Pop’s most iconic groups. Youngjae’s live vocals are no joke throughout the chorus. The cover also allowed fans to hear the voices of members who don’t sing as often, like Jackson. The members are not afraid to take on girl group covers either; BamBam is notorious for his affinity for girl group dances, even enough to perform miss A’s “Bad Girl, Good Girl” alongside MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, BTOB’s Minhyuk, and Youngjae from B.A.P at the KBS Song Festival in 2016!

Shining Vocalists - “See The Light”

One of the hidden gems of GOT7’s Flight Log trilogy was the slow grooving “See The Light,” and this live performance of the song really shined a light on GOT7’s vocal capabilities. Each member’s vocals provides a new dimension to GOT7. Combined, they all fit together like a perfect puzzle to make a beautiful song. JB and Youngjae have the powerhouse vocals with incredible clarity to their tones. Yugyeom, Jinyoung, and Jackson have softer voices that feel very gentle and add color. Mark and BamBam are controlled and confident rappers; it never feels like their rapping is trying to overtake the mellow song. Their casual clothes, silly antics, and smiles also help to contribute to this performance’s intimate, boy-next-door feeling, drawing the listener in even further. Their brotherhood is the heart of GOT7 and largely what makes the group so endearing, and “See The Light” shows why they should be taken seriously musically.

Strength In Numbers - “Never Ever”

Get yourself a K-Pop group who can do both — as in, can sing and decorate a cake at the same time. In celebration of White Day, GOT7 decorated a cake and sang their single “Never Ever” in a video for Dingo Music in 2017. The silly side of GOT7 has been on display since they started filming their reality TV show Real GOT7, and if the members are anything, it’s very real. They push each other, giggle, miss their lines, and BamBam even becomes salt bae while they work together to finish the decorations before the end of the song … albeit with questionable success. “We messed up a bit today,” Jinyoung confessed while holding their upside-down smiley face cake, but the memories and interactions between the members make it a cherishable moment for fans regardless.

Congratulations on your four-year anniversary, GOT7! Here’s to more live performances for Ahgases to treasure for many years to come.

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