Chungha is Ready to Offset Her New Sound

Chungha is Ready to Offset Her New Sound

Pursuing her dreams to become a singer, Chungha trained for many years before getting a taste of success. Before gaining momentum through her achievements and debut as a member of I.O.I through Produce 101, Chungha enjoyed performing as a backup dancer. Just last year, fans were able to see what Chungha’s solo career would be like—and we loved it! A truly inspiring story, it warms the hearts of fans to see her growth from being a backup dancer to becoming a solo artist. If 2017 was for parting ways with I.O.I, then 2018 will be a year to expect great things from Chungha, starting with her second mini album Offset!

A “Roller Coaster” Ride Into Fame


Despite the hard and long journey to get her here, Chungha captured the hearts of thousands of fans with her song “Why Don’t You Know,” featuring Nuksal, on her first mini-album Hands On Me. Following up to her second mini-album, Offset was released on January 17, 2018. Teasers of her title track “Roller Coaster” elicited much excitement from her fans, leaving them wondering what type of sound she’ll bring to her fans next. She did not disappoint as her EP contains a variety of sounds to savor.


With a total of five tracks, Chungha starts off her album Offset with a track by the same name. “Offset” starts off with a simple beat and vocals and contains five unique phrases throughout the whole track. Musical breaks make for a great dance track, which gets listeners pumped for the title track, “Roller Coaster.” A faster, upbeat techno-pop track, Chungha sings of a love that’s like a roller coaster. Along with her strong vocals comes her impeccable skills in the art of dance. She incorporates visual aspects of her past styles, such as a rainbow spectrum of colors from “Why Don’t You Know,” into “Roller Coaster” with the bright pop of neon colors, as well as reoccurring dance elements from her dance history. The neon colors under a black light effect gives a sense of technicolor, similar to Chungha’s cover performance of Clon’s “Choryeon” with it’s memorable bright neon colors.  

Keeping up with her constantly changing style, “Do It” plays with a slow reggae element and switches to pop as Chungha teases listeners with a musical flirtation between the two styles. As drastic as the two sounds are, listeners are loving it and encourage Chungha to keep “doing what you’re doing.” While very different from the previous songs, both “Bad Boy” and “Remind of You” have their very own personality, just like all her previous tracks. “Bad Boy” incorporates a show tune vibe while “Remind of You” slows down for a ballad that allows her voice to glow.

The Visuals: A Fashion Queen


Aside from her gorgeous voice and incredible dancing talent, Chungha is also known for her incredible fashion. From crop-tops and shorts to stunning performance pieces, she adds a dash of flare for a personalized touch. Her song, “Why Don’t You Know,” released mid summer of 2017, set the fashion trends for the rest of the summer. Similarly, “Roller Coaster” brings many iconic looks that are sure to be hot items in this spring’s lookbook. Whether it be bold lips, soft makeup, long hair, or rocking a short bob, Chungha does it all in one music video.

Each look in her music video portrays a different side of Chungha’s character. The styles alternate between vibrantly bright neon colors and soft pastels. The black with contrasting bright neon colors emphasizes the choreography. With a short bob cut wig and a statement fuzzy yellow coat, she slays the look with confidence and class. At the same time, her long curling locks and soft features will melt your heart, taking you on a visual roller coaster.


The Verdict

When you listen to the album from beginning to end, Offset is truly a roller coaster ride of musical styles. From dance, pop, and reggae, to show tunes and ballads, there is something for each and every type of listener. Not only does this mini-album strengthen Chungha’s growing popularity, but it also highlights her growing vocal and dance talents—as well as flexibility in working with a wide range of musical styles. As she proceeds to grow and explore her world, I look forward to seeing her tap into her full potential!

“Roller Coaster” Title Score: 9/10
Music Video Score: 9/10
Offset Album Score: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

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