It’s A Good Day!

It’s A Good Day!

Large idol groups are a current trend in the Hallyu world. Different from the previous years where it was rare to have eight or more members debuting, it’s almost considered a natural decision to debut larger groups today as the market has seen the advantages these bigger groups possess compared to the smaller ones. One of today’s largest rookie groups is Good Day, a 10-membered female group under C9 Entertainment, home of renowned artists Younha, Cheetah, and Wanna One’s Bae Jinyoung.

A Perfect 10

Good Day has a total of 10 members, with a few members having started their training as early as 2012. The group is broken down into several units, very much like girl groups WJSN and LOONA. There are three units in total: the “Good Morning” unit, which focuses on brighter and more dynamic songs and performances, the “Good Night” unit, which is entrusted with a sentimental concept with their vocal performances, and the “Midnight” unit, which contains a more mature, dreamy style to their sound.


The “Good Morning” unit has five members: Bomin, Nayoon, and maknae Lucky, who are all vocalists, as well as Genie and Jiwon, who are two of the team’s visuals. Bomin originally debuted as a child actress in 2011 and appeared as Girls’ Generation’s Yuri’s younger counterpart in the movie No Breathing.


The “Good Night” unit has Heejin and Haeun, who are Good Day’s two strongest vocalists. Haeun, who is the lead vocalist of the group, was originally a Nega Network trainee as a part of vocal trio Littles. Heejin, who is the leader and main vocalist of the group, competed in Superstar K5 in 2014, placing third overall.

The “Midnight” unit has dancers Cherry and Viva as well as vocalist Chaesol who was originally a Fantagio Entertainment trainee.

All Day Good Day

To date, Good Day has only released one mini-album, making them relatively new in the world of K-Pop. Their debut album, All Day Good Day, however, remains as one of the most solid debut albums produced in 2017. It had four tracks in total: the title track “Rolly,” produced by Urban Jeonsung, in addition to three other songs that were sung by the three sub-units of the group.

“Rolly,” an energetic and catchy retro pop track, was undoubtedly the right choice for a title track, despite it being the least favored by a few music critics. It had an effective hook and contained a unique quality that helped establish Good Day’s identity as a group.

Two of the three B-sides, “Beyond This Moment” and “Party After Party,” are the best on the album. “Beyond This Moment,” performed by the morning unit, has a bright sound that goes perfectly with its impressive chord structure. Also produced by producers 1Take and TAK, the track has a lot of similarities to Lovelyz’s “Twinkle,” though the Good Day track has a slightly compressed energy to it. “Party After Party,” which was performed by the midnight unit, is an effective deep-house track produced by Trippy. It’s a trendy track that remains as the most sensual track the group has put out to date.


Good Day is currently a group that has little exposure and popularity despite possessing a good amount of talent on the team. The group boasts a stable dance line that they successfully showcased through numerous dance cover videos uploaded by their agency. A few months after their debut, Heejin, Genie, Chaesol, Lucky, Viva, and Jiwon participated in KBS’s The Unit to boost awareness of their group. All of them made it through the panel judging, with Heejin being praised for her honey-like vocal tone and Jiwon being praised for her bright energy.

The two members mentioned above shined especially in the third mission, where Jiwon was in the winning team that performed JYP’s “Who’s Your Mama?” Heejin, despite her team not winning first place, was highly acclaimed for her leadership skills. They performed a jaw-dropping cover of Block B’s “JACKPOT,” sampling a part from Rain’s “LA SONG.”

Why It’s Always A Good Day


While the group is still in the process of making a name for themselves, they have proven numerous times that they have the talent to back their efforts. It may be true that their debut was slightly underwhelming, but their accompanying EP and The Unit performances aren’t. However, as the market they entered becomes even more competitive by the day, it’s going to be a challenge to truly succeed. Still, with a line-up as dynamic as Good Day’s, the only thing that’s truly missing in their picture is luck. When this luck comes, good days are definitely coming for the group.

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