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B-Sides: Non-Group Releases

Many artists in K-Pop groups still often enjoy releasing their own self-composed music as a form of expression outside of their chosen group’s sound. These releases are special in that they give us a chance to see more unfiltered creative expression from our favorite artists! This week, we’ve chosen a few favorites that provide a very different sound from their usual group releases.

Yamazaki - Bang Yongguk

From the get go, B.A.P’s leader Yongguk goes off the rails of what is expected of a K-Pop star in this release, with an immediate 19+ warning before the video even begins. “Yamazaki” is a heavy-hitting rap song that is made even better by Yongguk’s naturally deep voice, making for a much darker picture of the rapper that is surprising, yet somehow incredibly alluring at the same time. Although, if you’re not a fan of dark concepts, I’d advise avoiding the music video. “Yamazaki” no doubt has a much darker undertone both in concept and melody—much darker than what we often see from B.A.P.

It Doesn’t Matter - SUGA

Ah yes, I love seeing the word “explicit” plastered in the title of BTS’s Suga’s songs. “It Doesn’t Matter” was released way back, closer to the group’s debut, and even though Suga has made leaps and bounds in his musical production since then with his mixtape, “It Doesn’t Matter” still has some nice nostalgia to it as it shows his journey to stardom and his stubborn conviction in the face of prejudice. The boy also has a habit of using explicit language in his solo productions—a nice change (for me anyway) from the usually clean group releases.

Don’t Worry - Defsoul

GOT7’s leader JB occasionally releases self-composed songs on his Soundcloud under the name Defsoul. His personal music is not nearly as upbeat and poppy as his group’s releases, as it’s clear that the boy has an affinity for chill R&B vibes that you may expect to hear from the likes of Crush or Zion.T. Nearly all of the beats he creates as Defsoul have an undeniably sexy undertone to them—something that certainly isn’t often seen in GOT7’s productions. His sweet voice coupled with a sexy beat and sweet, alluring lyrics make for an amazing concoction.

Honey Bee - Luna, Hani, & Solar

A special collaboration between f(x)’s Luna, EXID’s Hani, and MAMAMOO’s Solar was released just over a year ago. While the backing track can be annoying initially, it’s quickly covered up by the honey sweet vocals of these three talented ladies who have no trouble flaunting their vocal talents and sexiness. This collaboration was something we didn’t know we needed until we got it. But then again, I’m always here for the girls slaying together.

Secret - Yuri, Seohyun

SM Station is a go-to for non-group releases and collaborations, which are often quite refreshing. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and Seohyun teamed up to release “Secret,” a classic EDM driven track that has an addicting lead up to the drop. The feel of the song is much different from what Girls’ Generation usually releases, sounding almost like a western dance track that you’d hear at a rave as opposed to a K-Pop release.