RAINZ is Here to Shake You Up

RAINZ is Here to Shake You Up

Transitioning from their bright and fresh concept, RAINZ is back with a captivating look. With their second mini-album Shake You Up, the group left a new impression. Breaking out of their youthful image, they are gaining pleasant responses towards their change.

Turn It Up


Just listening to the first measure of the song makes it obvious that RAINZ has taken up a new genre of music. In comparison to their debut song “Juliette,” “Turn It Up” gives off a powerful, masculine vibe, showing a different side of the boys. The difference between the two concepts show RAINZ’s duality, from nu-disco to adopting a darker style to fit their new release.

Although both songs consist of fast rhythms and beats, the tracks differ in various aspects. Based in strong EDM, the song gives off an energetic and thrilling emotion as it progresses on. The repetition of the catchphrase “Turn It Up” makes it hard for you to forget it once you hear it and establishes a solid impression on the listener. Member Lee Kiwon also participated in writing and composing the title song, which proves the well-rounded skills that make up the group.

Although this is a great song for pure listening (without a video), it’s best suited to be watched fully as a performance. The choreography has strong and sharp moves, emphasizing the synchronization between the members. This helps develop a charismatic mood and intimidating atmosphere that matches their concept in “Turn It Up.”

The music video includes many elements that represent the dark and mysterious side of the group. Visually appealing costumes grab the viewers’ attention. The red outfits symbolize RAINZ’s passion that dominates the whole scene, captivating people with their charm. The lighting changes colors a couple of times throughout the video, manipulating the intensity of the mood. All these visuals contribute to the theme of the album, and RAINZ displays their ability to adapt to the new concept.


Turn the Music Up

The title song is undeniably a bop but all the tracks are worth listening to at least once.

“Music Up” is a future EDM genre with Highlight’s Lee Gikwang participating as a composer and lyricist. Since the track came out before the official release of the album, it has gained a lot of attention and drew out positive reactions. The song is very exciting—it’s the perfect song to hype up the mood!

“Open Ur Heart” has a soft melody that contradicts the electronic sound base. The lyrics tell a romantic story that makes fans’ hearts flutter, especially with the unexpected rap break.

“Somebody” has a groovy vibe along with its modern urban sound. Unlike its strong beat, the lyrics express loneliness and talk about “somebody or anybody” that can fill the emptiness in their hearts.

The instrumental version of “Turn It Up” is also included as the last track in the album. With the same vibe as the lyrical version, you can hear the real raw sound of the beat without the vocals.

RAINZ has great potential to develop their talents to the max. Attempting various music genres and concepts for each release, the group is building experiences that will provide a steady base for their future paths as artists. With their arranged disbandment coming up in October, RAINZ’s release also brought a wave of disappointment to fans as the new year meant the members going their separate ways. Yet, Shake You Up was a satisfying progress from Sunshine and succeeded in bringing each individual member, as well as the team, a step closer to the top.

“Turn It Up” Title Score: 9/10
Music Video Score: 8/10
Shake You Up Album Score: 8/10

Total Score: 8.3/10

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