Jeong Sewoon’s Happily “Ever After”

Jeong Sewoon’s Happily “Ever After”

Jeong Sewoon first appeared on K-Pop Star season three, where he made it to the live performances, but he is likely most known for his appearance on Produce 101 Season 2. The 1997 liner signed with Starship Entertainment after being on K-Pop Star, and joined the popular Produce 101 in 2017. He was well known for his immense vocal talent and composition skills, but unfortunately was eliminated in the finale after ranking 12th, just missing a debut with Wanna One by one spot.

Sewoon officially debuted as a solo artist in August with the first part of his mini album, Ever. The rising star returned on January 24 with the second part, fittingly titled After.

Baby It’s U

Sewoon’s title track, “Baby It’s U,” opens with an acoustic ballad before building into an EDM chorus. It’s a song suitable for choreography because of its bright chorus. The song is relatively uncomplicated, and admittedly, there isn’t much about it that stands out. There is not much to it, and it is not unique or catchy enough to stay in your head for long.

The music video features Sewoon and only Sewoon. It’s quite beautiful with its picturesque shots on the countryside and ocean views. The sunny landscapes will make viewers dream of the upcoming summer. While the song is not captivating, the music video does aid it with its pleasant aesthetics.


Before you lose hope, the rest of the album proves to be quite solid—indeed, full of tracks better than the title. Starting with “Toc, toC!,” the song sounds promising from its first notes. The song takes an urban R&B vibe, which is immensely popular nowadays with the likes of HEIZE and DEAN. Sewoon’s vocals suit this kind of groovy and bright song wondrously, so much so that it makes you wonder why it wasn’t the title track.


“Irony” is similar to “Toc, toC!,” and like the previous song, it’s much better than the title track. It follows the R&B-Pop genre, which suits the solo artist perfectly. “No Better Than This” starts off fresh with an acoustic guitar rhythm. Sewoon shows off his timbre and fluttering falsettos through this slowed down track. It’s a favorite amongst fans; simple in melody but sweet in its delivery—backed by the refreshing acoustics—”No Better Than This” is a true stand out track. “독백 (I Love You)” is a piano ballad that will calm the coldest of hearts. Only the piano is needed to backup Sewoon’s soft vocals, which carry the song beautifully. Violins join in at the perfect time, seamlessly weaving their way through the melody.

Following the ballad is suitably a song written by Sewoon himself. “닿을 듯 말 듯” was also even composed and produced in part by Sewoon. This is the song featured in the background of his Winter Film video. This song is a personal favorite of mine and many others. It’s unique with its soft and low opening vocals, which are backed by an anticipating piano and drum. Violins join this track as well, and they give the song an ethereal ambiance before the instrumentals change completely in the chorus. This song is by far the most experimental of all six, and seeing as Sewoon had a big part in it, I think this is a great sign for his future as a music maker.

While the title track is a bit of a disappointment, there is no doubt that Jeong Sewoon’s potential as a solo artist runs high. His B-sides truly do not disappoint, and his writing and composition skills in the final track not only redeem the title, but it makes this album quite an enjoying one to listen to.


“Baby It’s U” Title Score: 6/10
Music Video Score: 7/10
After Album Score: 8.5/10

Overall: 7.16/10

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