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Staff Picks: Favorite K-Drama Quotes

Dramas can speak volumes on just about anything through their characters. From comedy to romance, viewers develop fond memories as they follow a character’s journey. However, one scene tends to stand out against the rest—one that connects a viewer through empathy for the characters. Check out these favorite K-Drama quotes and what it means to our Kraze staff! 

Credit: Chorokbaem Media

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo

Sab Ali, Editor

“Do you know why you're unhappy? Your dreams are bigger than what reality holds. Try to be less greedy.” - Jung Joonhyung, Episode 3

Life is a constant struggle to come out on top; when it comes down to it, things like grades, extracurriculars, and more sometimes take an unhealthy precedence. Trying to keep up with this struggle, I sometimes lose track of how far I've come. This quote struck a chord in my heart as it was something that needed to be said to me. Definitely be ambitious, but don't be as greedy. As a drama filled with determined young adults, it was easy to relate to—having such large dreams but also trying to learn how to be satisfied with all that has been accomplished.

Credit: CJ E&M

Reply 1997

Daniela Calderon, Editor

“The reason I like you? Because you're that person. Because you're just you. Is there any other reason besides this? I would rather know the reason. Then, I think I could find a way to not like you. If it truly can't be avoided, there's only one thing I want. I wish to remain beside you as a person who does not change for a long time. To our heart-wrenching love.” - Kang Joonhee, Episode 10

I found this moment to be one of the most moving scenes in what could be all of K-Drama history. Joonhee finally confesses his love to his best friend Yoonjae in an episode of complete sincerity, and it's entirely heartbreaking for viewers. Joonhee appears to come to terms with the impossibility of a romantic relationship between the two male friends, though his concern for the friendship is what truly brings viewers to tears. This particular scene conveys a strong message of acceptance in a stirring depiction of genuine love.

Credit: Pan Entertainment

Fight For My Way

Roxanne Wilson, Designer & Writer

“You may think that everywhere there are girls who want to ride your white horse in hopes of being treated like a princess. Nowadays, Cinderella isn't even popular in dramas. In reality, there are plenty of self-made psycho type girls who live their lives with all they have. So just give the glass slippers to the dogs.” - Choi Aera, Episode 7

I always loved Aera as the main female protagonist, but this line struck me especially deep. Fight My Way is a really important drama because it emphasizes independence and that following your dreams is the path to happiness, not just finding a companion. Aera's ability to be so composed in front of such a terrible man and verbally destroy him like that was a beautiful line that is not commonly seen in most dramas. I advocate for more strong female characters like her moving forward!

Credit: CJ E&M

It’s Okay, That’s Love

N. Ali, Writer

“Haesoo: Are you the kind of person who believes love rules all? That love will always give only happiness, joy, flutters, and courage? Jaeyeol: Love will also give pain, resentment, sadness, despair, and misfortune. But in the end, it'll give you the power to overcome all of those. It should at least be able to do those to be love.” - Ji Haesoo and Jung Jaeyeol, Episode 5

Sometimes one forgets the reality of things when we have to step outside of our K-Drama world to face real life. Unlike many other unrealistic depictions of love in mainstream media, It's Okay, That's Love really hits home as it speaks volumes of truth on what should be the simplest of things—love, and all of its perfect imperfections. At times we over complicate our emotions. However, the way Jung Jaeyeol explains love is so simplistically realistic and the furthest thing from your typical cliché love that it gives you a wake up call—you must accept yourself in order to make your ability to love that much stronger.

Credit: Number Three Pictures

Fated to Love You

Annika Brandes, Editor & Promoter

“Now, listen to me carefully. It's very important, okay? There is a woman you love. Her name is Kim Minyoung and her birthplace is Yeoul Island. She's foolishly kind and takes care of people in pain. She is a sweet woman. How did I meet her? I coincidentally met her in Macao. Like fate, we had a very lovely child. The child's name is Dog Poopie. But Dog Poopie isn't with you now because it went somewhere far away. You never forgot Dog Poopie for a single moment. Our Dog Poopie stayed by his dad's side while he went through a hard time. Now I have to let go of Snail.” - Lee Gun, Episode 17

I love how this quote makes no sense out of context. Succinctly, this is Lee Gun talking to himself in a video he recorded in case he loses his memory. What I love about this drama is that we really see the trials and tribulations of the main couple’s relationship. It's not just that they meet, have a couple of obstacles, and they fall in love; they go through some really difficult hardships throughout, fall in and out of love, and make sacrifices. There are several turning points throughout this drama, but this leads up to the final one. It's a real tearjerker for a phenomenally emotional drama.

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Heba, Web Manager & Promoter

“An object does not have to be large to have greater volume. That girl was as small as a violet. That girl swayed like a flower petal. She pulls me with greater force than the Earth. In a moment, I rolled to her like Newton's apple without a reason. With a thump, with a thump-thump, my heart continued to beat with the movement of a pendulum from the heavens to earth. This was first love.” - Gong Yoo, Episode 4

I love this quote a lot. It is so romantic and Gong Yoo’s voice just gives it a magical feeling—a feeling that you are in another world filled only with pure love, even though it’s a sad love. This quote is originally a poem from a famous book in Korea, but I’ll always remember it as Kim Shin’s words to his first love for the first time in 900 years.