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DAVICHI Soothes With Latest Album, &10

DAVICHI is back to treat fans with a full album, titled &10 which gives nine brand new songs (plus an instrumental) that will definitely pull at heartstrings. For those who are new to the duo, DAVICHI consists of members Kang Minkyung and Lee Haeri, who have made a name for themselves in the Hallyu Wave as being queens of ballads and original soundtracks for dramas. That is not all about DAVICHI however. This soulful duet made their debut in 2008, making 2018 their 10-year anniversary, hence this album marking their milestone in their career. This vocal powerhouse group is a group definitely worth getting into if you haven’t already!</deck>

“너 없는 시간들 (Days Without You)”

Upon the release of their latest album, “너 없는 시간들 (Days Without You)” is their main title track that also features Wanna One’s Kang Daniel in the music video. As DAVICHI is known for their ballads, “너 없는 시간들 (Days Without You)” is a soft ballad that oozes emotions of longing and reminiscing of the past. The harmonies and the several high notes that both members hit will leave you breathless as you listen. The music video has breathtaking shots of Kang Daniel walking through the snow and forest as he looks back on the memories that he shared with his former lover. In particular, when tears begin to fall from Kang Daniel, the emotion hits harder throughout the song, further accenting the song. Be ready to have a box of tissues nearby as both the song and music video will strike an emotional chord. DAVICHI once again leaves the biggest impression and “너 없는 시간들 (Days without you)” is a beautiful song that many of all ages will appreciate.

Emotional From Beginning To End

As DAVICHI is known for their ballads, the album consistently follows through with giving fans and listeners a series of emotional ballads. Whether the ballad was about heartbreak, love or missing someone, DAVICHI gives an emotional performance that will send chills down your spine. If you are in need of album to relax and wind down to, &10 is highly recommended and surely will not disappoint. If you are an avid K-Drama fan, you can agree that all the songs off this album can fit into any drama, especially in the most emotional and dramatic scenes. DAVICHI is known for their soundtracks for many K-Dramas after all. This album will surely tug on your emotions as DAVICHI is able to paint a story through their stunning vocals, leaving you in awe. If you haven’t given DAVICHI a listen, this album is a good introduction and taste to what the duo has to offer. As mentioned previously, &10 is a great album for fans of all ages and surely leaves a lasting impression.

"Days Without You" Title Track Score: 9/10
Music Video Score: 10/10
&10 Album: 9.5/10

Overall Rating: 9.5/10