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Tick-Tock: K-Pop’s Most Explosive Groups

K-Pop uses a variety of universal sounds within their tracks to appeal to every listener. No matter the country or language, everyone can understand the meaning behind a hey, whoop, or even a boom! But what groups are so daringly explosive that they use “boom” within their songs? These groups are jam-packed full of talent, charm, and style, and they’re ready to blow your mind! The clock is ticking — here are K-Pop’s most explosive groups.

SEVENTEEN - “Boom Boom”

Following in the footsteps of their previous comeback “Very Nice,” SEVENTEEN made their return with their third mini-album Going Seventeen and their comeback single “Boom Boom.” The song is full of energy from the start as a loud horn blares through the intro. From there, “Boom Boom” is an explosion of excitement with its upbeat tempo, ridiculously catchy chorus, and amazing high notes. It’s the kind of song that evokes a response within the listener. Try to listen and not want to sing along or dance around—it’s almost impossible! The music video for “Boom Boom” is equally as charming and addictive to watch as the song is to listen to. It features the members breaking into a building and creating a massive explosion at the end—kind of like what the members do to everyone’s hearts. It also puts SEVENTEEN’s choreography on display. The group is known for their amazing dance synchronicity and “Boom Boom” is no different; it has crafty jacket choreography and the members frequently pop their chests to make it look like their hearts are beating to every boom.


MOMOLAND exploded onto the K-Pop scene in 2016, but their latest comeback, “BBOOM BBOOM,” took the group to the next level by helping them secure their first comeback win on M Countdown on January 11. It’s easy to see why; the song has a hip-swinging EDM beat and stuttering chorus that’s easy to sing along to, plus the video shows off all of the group’s charms. The music video is hilarious and alluring at the same time, with the members acting adorably in their own infomercials spliced between their sexy choreography and… a group dab? Yes, MOMOLAND goes there. Interested in how the rest of the album sounds? Check out our review of GREAT!.

GOT7 - “Boom x3”

A song so heavily charged, it blows up three times! Written by Jackson, “Boom x3” is a B-side track from GOT7’s Flight Log: Turbulence. The song is a true gem that can get lost in between all of the other solid tracks on the album. The song is more laid back than would be anticipated with a song titled “Boom x3,” but it is still fun. Like most GOT7 songs, it balances its rapping and vocal lines very nicely, so one never feels like either is dominating the song. “Boom x3” is fun because it has a writhing EDM breakdown after the first chorus that takes the song to another level. For English speakers, this song is especially fun too because a huge portion of the lyrics are in English. The music video is just as chaotic and hysterical as one would expect with BamBam, Jackson, and Yugyeom as the frontmen. During the song’s dance break, the three members go all out: Jackson ripping off his jacket, BamBam grabbing and shaking a skateboard, and Yugyeom furiously head banging on all fours. It really helps to iconically capture GOT7—a little crazy, but crazy talented.