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A Sweet Holiday with Suzy

Fresh off her success as the lead heroine in While You Were Sleeping, Suzy has released her first mini-album, Faces of Love, following Yes? No? from last January. The release includes two music videos, one being for title track “Holiday” and another pre-release music video for “다른 사람을 사랑하고 있어 (In Love With Someone Else)” before an official release on January 29.

Thriving in the Solo Life

Since the disbandment of miss A, Suzy has found a niche as a solo artist and actress. The overall sound of Faces of Love switches back and forth between bright and upbeat and soft and melancholic. This diversity is exemplified in the stark contrast between pre-release “다른 사람을 사랑하고 있어 (In Love With Someone Else)” and “Holiday.”

“다른 사람을 사랑하고 있어 (In Love With Someone Else)” is by far the most sorrowful ballad track on the album, with Suzy’s voice delivering a level of hurt and distress that transcends the language barrier, conveying a powerful message. “잘자 내 몫까지” has a similar vibe and a soft piano ballad melody that depicts intense emotion. Suzy’s vocals are certainly fitting for ballads, as tracks “너는 밤새도록” and “서툰 마음” are reminiscent of the genre, making the majority of the album ballad-focused. My personal favorite thus far is “서툰 마음,” a track produced by Jungki.

On the flip side, “Holiday” is a brighter release, though it sticks with a slow melody like the rest of the album. Suzy sings of a sweet holiday getaway accompanied by a jazzy harmony and subtle trumpets that go along with the pop-driven beat. The song also features a rap verse from DPR LIVE, which adds an element of spice to the overall sound. All in all, “Holiday” is a relaxing, pleasant title that evokes vibes of warmer days in the dead of winter.

The more upbeat tracks play one after another on the album, as “Holiday” is followed by quirky and fun “Sober” before cooling down to a softer “나쁜X.” All of her songs have a softer tone to them in general, which definitely complements her vocal talent. However, if you’re looking for a more intense solo release, Suzy’s album is probably not for you.

Overall, Faces of Love is a solid release from the solo artist. I was personally looking for a title track more along the lines of “Yes No Maybe,” which I enjoyed the most out of all her solo releases. Though a little ballad-focused for my taste, Suzy’s talent as a vocalist is certainly undeniable, personal bias aside.

"Holiday" Title Track: 8/10
"Holiday" Music Video: 7.5/10
Faces of Love Album Score: 6.5/10

Overall Score: 7.33/10