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Throwback Thursday: Best of Miss A

It’s the first Throwback Thursday of 2018! This week we are looking at some of the best of the legendary former girl group, miss A. In late 2017, JYP Entertainment announced their official disbandment. While many people are saddened to see the end of the girl group, we can still look back at their past releases and remember their greatness.

“Bad Girl Good Girl”

If we are going to throw it back to some of the best that miss A has released, we simply cannot forget their debut track, “Bad Girl Good Girl.” Their debut was one of the hottest debuts of their time, earning them several music show wins within the first week of release. We also cannot forget the iconic line “Shut up boy!” along with the choreography from the chorus!

“I Don’t Need A Man”

Considerably one of the best independent woman anthems in K-Pop, “I Don’t Need A Man” makes it into the best of miss A. The ladies are unapologetically fierce and sassy as they show off their charms singing about not needing a man. They are able to hold down the house on their own, declaring they don’t need a man to be successful. “I Don’t Need A Man” is also one of those songs you simply cannot get enough of, due to its catchy and addictive chorus


One of the reasons that miss A was such a great girl group was their versatile concepts. From tackling a bubbly-fun concept to a darker, sexier concept, miss A was able to conquer it effortlessly. “Hush” happens to be one of their more sensual tracks that features a darker setting, similar to their “Touch” music video. From the sound down to the choreography, “Hush” will leave you mesmerized and wanting more.

“Only You”

We simply cannot end without highlighting their last release as a group, “Only You.” This particular track is the perfect song to add to your summer or party playlist. It’s fun and catchy (like all of their other songs); many will get on their feet to dance along. It is the last time we see the girl group together, which brings back some bittersweet memories. Nonetheless, “Only You” is definitely worth adding to your music library if you haven’t already.

While it is unfortunate that the group is no longer together, we sincerely hope all the best for the members in their future endeavors as they continue to pursue their solo careers. miss A will forever be an iconic and influential group in K-Pop, and their music will continue to live on. That’s it for this week’s Throwback Thursday! Stay tuned as we bring you another fresh list featuring some of your favorite artists and groups!