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Wolf Boys are Back, Baby!

Admittedly, the first thought that comes to mind upon seeing that TRCNG went for the werewolf concept was war flashbacks to EXO’s “Wolf” in 2013. Anyone else have that immediate reaction?

TRCNG: Who Am I?

All joking aside, TS Entertainment’s latest group has now officially completed their first comeback with “Wolf Baby,” a dance track along the similar vein of their debut “Spectrum.” The teaser images evoked a dark concept much like “Spectrum” did, but once again the song accompanying this concept is more upbeat than anticipated. TRCNG seems to be going for a much lighter sound than fellow labelmates B.A.P thus far, with title tracks sounding much more mainstream pop than experimentally heavy.

That being said, “Wolf Baby” is good for what it is. It’s a solid, catchy dance track that is bound to get stuck in your head given time. The boys are also very talented in executing choreography, which makes the music video pop in an otherwise dismal showing. Most of my criticisms stem from the music video itself, which is more a fault of the agency than the boys themselves.

For one, the members all have identical matching outfits, which isn’t a common practice and frankly can come off as either lazy on TS’s part or as an indication that they are lacking proper funding for the rookie group. While it is clear that the video production aims at a vintage and haunted look, the music video still comes off as poorly produced, especially the scenery of the boys performing outside. While it is possible that the low production and cringe-worthy props were creative tactics aiming at a sardonic approach, it took away from the overall impact of the comeback.

But, again, this does not reflect on the talent of the members of TRCNG whatsoever. TS Entertainment doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to treatment of their artists, so it seems believable that the rookie group got the scraps of the budget left after B.A.P’s comeback “Hands Up.” The potential that TRCNG has at doing well is very clear, yet it appears they have yet to get the support necessary to flourish.

Truthfully, the first impression of the music video after having “Wolf” flashbacks left a reminder of the Backstreet Boys’s “Everybody” music video from the 90s. Nostalgic? Yes. Complimentary? Up for interpretation.

“Wolf Baby” music video aside, the song itself is the title track for first single album WHO AM I, which includes introduction tracks “I Am,” “Wolf Baby,” and bonus track “Utopia.” “I Am” is a groovy introduction that flows well into “Wolf Baby,” highlighting the strength of the rappers as the song builds into the title track. In contrast, “Utopia” is a slower song with a calmer vibe that rounds out the album. All in all, WHO AM I is a solid release, but not a spectacular one. TRCNG certainly has the talent and potential—it’s just a matter of their agency harnessing it.