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MAMAMOO Shows Off Their True Colors

MAMAMOO is in many ways a girl group unlike any other. Being under Rainbow Bridge World, the four girls are allowed to express themselves through the music they get to perform, striving toward becoming the role models they’ve always wanted to be. As a result, they are one of the most unique girl groups out there.

Paint Me

While fans are usually given upbeat songs as title tracks or singles, this time around MAMAMOO presented a different side of themselves. Truthfully, I was expecting an up-tempo song, but I am so glad that they released a ballad, because I believe this is their forte. “Paint Me” is an emotional, powerful ballad carried by a building piano and a guitar melody. It is well known that these four women have astonishing vocals—arguably the best in the current female idol group category—and it is through ballads that their talent is highlighted most. Thankfully, “Paint Me” has a strong start, featuring Hwasa’s powerful vocals.

It seems MAMAMOO wants to start off 2018 strong. Even Moonbyul seems to have taken a brave step by singing on the track. The rapper has discussed a lack of confidence in her vocals before, but fans got a taste of her unique timbre when she took on a solo track on MAMAMOO’s last album. Her deep and steady vocals wonderfully complement the other three’s powerful voices.

The song compares the colors white, yellow, red, and blue with the feelings that come from being in a relationship, which starts on a blank, lonely white canvas. Eventually, love warms them up, like the colors yellow and red, until the somber feelings of blue overcome the relationship. These paint colors represent the memories of a relationship. The members ask for their lovers to fill them with colors, making sure not to leave a single blank spot. The lyrics are gorgeous, and probably some of my favorites from MAMAMOO thus far. I suggest you check them out for yourself.

The music video isn’t anything too special—that is, the story is in the song, not necessarily the video. However, the simple shots of the members singing in dresses that truly make them look like goddesses are enough to make MooMoos emotional. These four women are truly talented, and I hope they continue to bless us with their astonishing voices and many more positive messages in 2018.