Kocowa’s Most Popular Shows

Kocowa’s Most Popular Shows

If you have not heard of them by now, Kocowa is a new streaming service that is taking over the Korean entertainment world. The service is equipped with the latest and greatest Korean dramas, K-Pop shows, and variety; why not start 2018 right with their most popular TV shows?

“Kocowa is the only and largest platform in the U.S. that streams all current Korean Variety and K-Pop programs with high-quality English subtitles within six hours of original broadcast in Korea.”

Kocowa’s Top 5 Most Viewed Shows

5. Weightlifting Fairy, Kim BokJoo


This drama warmed the hearts of viewers in the winter of 2017. Starring models-turned-actors Lee Sungkyung and Nam Joohyuk, the coming-of-age drama launched these two stars forward into their growing acting careers. The world fell in love with the charming Kim Bokjoo, a top weightlifter at the university, and the handsome swimmer Jung Joonhyung. In fact, not only did the world love the chemistry between the two, but the actors ended up dating in real life. Despite now being broken up, the cute ad-lib moments and heartwarming messages about body image will be enough to motivate you to start the new year off right. The story is inspired by Olympic gold-medalist Jang Miran, which makes this show the perfect one to watch in preparation for the Pyeongchang Olympics.

4. Into the World Again


Child actor Yeo Jingoo is now a man! The 20-year-old starred in the drama titled Into The World Again in 2017, along with Lee Yeonhee. The premise is interesting as it follows teenage friends who go through the tragic death of Jingoo’s character at age 19, only for him to reappear 12 years later looking the exact same. Jingoo’s character is a ray of sunshine who beams positivity as he reconnects with friends and family. Yeonhee’s character along with Jingoo’s were close to becoming more than friends before he died, which leaves her with conflicting emotions after his return. With an endearing focus on fixing past relationships, this drama is an easy one to get addicted to.

3. Hwarang


It’s no surprise that this historical drama made the most-watched list. With a cast full of flower boys, including Park Hyungsik, Park Seojoon, SHINee’s Choi Minho, and BTS’s own Kim Taehyung, it’s hard to resist clicking that play button. Go Ara is the female lead in this drama that revolves around Hwarangs—a group of knights chosen from high class families to be trained to become elite warriors. The performances of the actors draw viewers in, and the quirky personalities of the characters will make you fall in love (especially Taehyung’s adorable character). This is one of the few historical dramas I know of that will not make you cry (or shouldn’t), so don’t be wary. Get ready for comedy, action, and love in Hwarang.

2. School 2017


The school series has become a hit after its reboot in 2012. Previous installations have held great actors like Lee Jongsuk, Kim Woobin, Nam Joohyuk, BTOB member and Goblin actor Yook Sungjae, and Kim Sohyun. Season three, titled School 2017, featured fresh faces Kim Sejeong, Kim Junghyun, and Jang Dongyoon. Opening up with a charismatic student’s imagination in the midst of class, audiences are introduced to the loveable Ra Eunho who aspires to be a webtoon artist. The show follows high school seniors as they stress over their exam marks and try to fight a corrupt system. The three main stars were praised for their acting skills, and the fresh story is a great way to get into the right mood for the school season.

1. Running Man


This may or may not come as a surprise to many; the eight-year-old variety show Running Man is the most watched show on Kocowa. This may be because it is difficult to find a platform that uploads new episodes of the show as quickly as Kocowa does, or perhaps it’s because of the new cast members Jeon Somin and Yang Sechan. The show took a turn for the worse last year when beloved cast member Kang Gary left the show and rumors spread of Kim Jongkook and Song Jihyo being kicked off the show. Once the new year rolled around, effort to make things better started with the addition of the two new members. At first, many were skeptical of these two additions, as they seemed to be odd choices. Nine months and a high 10.5% rating later, these two have proven to be great choices. They have sparked the chemistry between members, lighting it aflame once more as hilarious antics and heartwarming moments delight viewers. The fun games and travelling punishments have kept viewers on their toes, as well as the members themselves. It was a meek start to 2017, but it proved to be a wonderful year for the beloved variety show. If you are looking to delve into the Korean variety world, I have no better recommendation than Running Man.

Kocowa’s top five most viewed shows are great choices for your binge-watching needs this new year. Kocowa offers three different membership types: monthly, annual, and even daily. Each offer gives you an ad-free experience, and the monthly membership gives you a month’s free trial. I do not know of any other streaming platforms with a daily membership, but this sounds genius to me. Do you ever have a full day to yourself where you just want to watch dramas but also don’t want to buy a monthly membership since you have work, school, and a million over things to do the very next day? A daily membership is the perfect gateway to your binge-watching needs—even if it’s all in one day!

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