Zion.T Returns with ZZZ

Zion.T Returns with ZZZ

Zion.T has returned to the music scene once again with new music! It’s been a full year since his last album and he is back with a new album titled ZZZ. The album features a total of seven brand new tracks that fans can groove along to. Keep reading below for a full review of the album!

Just Like Inside Out

It comes as no surprise that Zion.T’s title track would be a a groovy, light-hearted R&B track. “Hello Tutorial” has an easy-going vibe that once it’s on, you can’t help but smile and dance along to it. Aside from Zion.T’s honey-like vocals, what gives this song that extra flair is the featuring of Red Velvet’s Seulgi. This is the first time that the two artists have collaborated with each other, and it’s easy to say that we definitely need more Zion.T and Seulgi collaborations! Both vocalists complement each other so well that it’ll leave you head-over-heels, especially with such a cute song.

The music video takes on a similar situation to Pixar’s animated movie, Inside Out, in the sense that Zion.T is seen as the master controller for making the decisions and feelings for a boy (who represents the singer) who doesn’t quite understand the feelings of attraction and love. As Seulgi features in the music video as well, she acts as the master controller for a young girl, who is also trying to figure out this feeling of love. It’s a cute and endearing song and video that will definitely give you the feels and have you falling in love this fall. “Hello Tutorial” is definitely a song you’ll have on repeat and is the perfect addition to your fall/autumn playlist!

The Album

As previously mentioned, ZZZ has a total of seven tracks on the album. Zion.T first introduces fans to “Ideal,” a rather short track that gets you hyped up for the rest of the album. “Ideal” is an R&B/hip-hop blend that will have you grooving and bobbing your head to the beat. When Zion.T jumps into this realm of sound, know that you’re always in for a colorful and eventful ride. Following the title track “Hello Tutorial” featuring Seulgi, is “My Luv,” which is a soft R&B track. Definitely another song that will put you in your feels, your bias or someone who you are crushing on may cross your mind. “My Luv” is easy-going and chill, which makes it a perfect addition to your playlist when going out for a drive.


“Malla Gang” featuring E SENS has this ‘90s funk to the song that will give you a nostalgic feeling. The combination of E SENS’ rap and Zion.T’s rap work well together to give this ‘90s groove life, and you’re in for a surprise when Zion.T brings out a full verse in English. The fifth track, “Uh Huh,” is another ‘90s R&B-funk inspired track, bringing on another wave of nostalgia. It’s the type of song that will put a spring in your step or make you feel really good and confident. It is also somewhat of an interlude on the album as it gives you a break in between the songs, since it’s shorter in length like “Ideal.” When you first see the title for the sixth song on the album, “Sleepy Talk” seems like it would be a softer and soothing lullaby type of song; however, Zion.T makes it into another upbeat track. There is a bit of a Latin influence mixed into the song along with a bit of jazz. “Sleepy Talk” also features Oh Hyuk from HYUKOH, with both artists slightly slurring their vocals to mimic sleep talking.

The last song, “Untold Story,” definitely ties the album together with a slow jam. It’s simply not a Zion.T album without a proper R&B ballad. Most of the songs that are on the album are rather upbeat and fun, but “Untold Story” gives a somber and mellow vibe which gives fans and new listeners a chance to see the different vocal stylings of the artist. “Untold Story” is for sure the lullaby song off the album that fits well with the overall theme of sleep that Zion.T has going on. It can be assumed that each song represents different stages of sleep. You first are awake and slowly begin to drift off, but there are points at night where you might become a little restless or you wake up before you finally end up falling into a deep sleep.

Overall, Zion.T makes quite the impression with his latest album, and I highly recommend you give it a listen!

Music Video: 10/10

Title Track Score: 10/10

Album Score: 8.5/10

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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