Special Coverage: Viki October Programming Highlights

Special Coverage: Viki October Programming Highlights

Watching new dramas roll in one after another is an enjoyable yet distressing sight. In turn, the big question comes to mind—what to watch first? Is it time to delve into the emotional backstory of Jang Hyuk in Bad Papa or the mysterious exchanges between Kim Haesook and Kim Heesun in Room N9?

Yes, we—as avid drama fans—get the struggle of taking minutes, hours, even days to make up your mind. But no worries, there’s no need to rush. Whatever you’re looking for, Viki has everything in store, just for you.

Explore Where Stars Land

Since October 1, Viki has been airing an all-new South Korean original series, Where Stars Land. Directed by Shin Woocheol, this drama is currently skyrocketing in domestic viewer ratings, proving its rise in the K-Drama industry.

A film that comforts audiences by depicting reality with a hint of blossoming love, Where Stars Land’s main setting is intentionally set inside the Incheon International Airport. The airport, generally a place bustling with crowds, is a representation of life; though it may be a rocky start, bumping into new people and experiencing unexpected events along the way helps one find the end, where one eventually learns to overcome challenges and reach a self-satisfactory point.

The drama not only displays fairly realistic aspects of life but also implements a fantastical element that further engages the audience. It focuses on describing the interactions between the new employee Lee Sooyeon (Lee Jehoon) and the supposedly more-experienced employee Han Yeoreum (Chae Soobin), who unintentionally brews up trouble wherever she goes.


Han Yeoreum is dumbfounded when she learns she is going to work under this newbie—yes, as his “apprentice.” The mysterious Lee Sooyeon, hiding a secret of his own, ends up working alongside Yeoreum and takes responsibility for fixing problems created by the female protagonist. The chance encounter with the male lead, who yearns to be normal, and the too-normal female lead creates conflicts at first; without knowing each other’s back stories, the protagonists fail to understand one another. However, before they know it, the two become closely attached to one another.

The drama is currently heading towards the second half of the series, weaving in romantic details highlighting the special chemistry between the leads along the way. Stay updated on Where Stars Land to find out what will happen to the airport employees and their progressing relationship! View more.

But Wait, There’s More

Already caught up on Where Stars Land? Plenty more dramas are readily available on Viki! Take a quick look at some of our favorites that have been released this month.


Bad Papa evokes compassion as the viewers watch Yoo Jicheol (Jang Hyuk), a former boxing champion who is determined to win back his wealth and family. He sets out to train with the goal of achieving the title of boxing champion once again. View more.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, a remake of a famous Japanese television series, certainly does not reflect a lighthearted plotline. Portraying family love, romantic love, and a thrilling sense of unexpected surprises, this mystery melodrama—which is rather heavy and dense—touches on the dark side of life. Will Yoo Jinkook (Park Sungwoong) end up finding a way to protect his beloved younger sister, Yoo Jinkang (Jung Somin), from the rumored “monster” Kim Mooyoung (Seo Inguk)? View more.


Directed by Jung Heonsoo, Twelve Nights starkly contrasts the dramas introduced above. This mini-series is for all the romantic drama lovers out there! The story finds the main protagonists, Han Yookyung (Han Seungyeon) and Cha Hyunoh (Shin Hyunsoo), constantly bumping into each other. The two unexpectedly meet each other on three different occasions and, following the title of the drama, the characters end up spending 12 nights together. At this point, it’s worth it for them to consider: Is this merely a coincidence or is it destiny? View more.

Room N9 reflects the dark sides of humanity. The switching of souls between the merciless lawyer, Eulji Haeyi (Kim Heesun), and Jang Hwasa (Kim Haesook), a strong suspect of an infamous serial murder case, is a mystery that occurs within the walls of Room Number 9 in the high-security women’s prison. Soon after, Haeyi’s boyfriend Gi Yoojin (Kim Youngkwang) joins in the game. As a key figure in the drama, Yoojin—who is also a psychiatrist—will make you wonder if he knows a way to return his girlfriend to her body. View more.

No way is Miss Ma: Nemesis a fluffy drama with a fairytale ending. The title alone says a lot! Miss Ma (Kim Namjoo) fights her way to prove herself innocent after being framed for murdering her own daughter. As the storyline progresses on, unknown facts about the woman are unveiled, keeping the audience in a state of tension throughout the episodes. View more.


Now now, time to step away from the thriller dramas for a while. My Healing Love is centered on Im Chiwoo (So Yoojin), someone who could be called a modern-day superwoman. Everyday tasks like taking care of her incapable husband, receiving criticisms from her nagging mother-in-law, and listening to conflicts between her siblings cause Chiwoo to realize that she deserves better. When she makes the decision to leave her soon-to-be-past behind and start fresh, her husband’s “real family” shows up. How will Chiwoo deal with the new change? View more.

Viki’s October programming highlights include a wide variety of dramas; from romance to mystery, the platform provides convenient access to the films and additional options like subtitles, which you can adjust to your liking. Plus, with the network’s availability reaching out to more than 190 countries, it’s no problem watching your favorite dramas on the platform.

More and more dramas will be on their way in the near future. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the wave, so be prepared to binge-watch with Viki!

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