Throwback Thursday: More of the Best of Epik High

Throwback Thursday: More of the Best of Epik High

October 21, 2018 marked the 15th debut anniversary of veteran and legendary hip-hop group, Epik High. We have previously covered the group before on Throwback Thursday, but as it is their 15th, it’s only fitting we deep dive into more of the best from Epik High. Congratulations to Epik High for 15 years in the industry! Here is to many more years to come!

“Home Is Far Away”

Coming off their most recent album, WE’VE DONE SOMETHING SPECIAL, “Home Is Far Away” is the emotional and somber track that we all need to have on our playlist. “Home Is Far Away” features Oh Hyuk of HYUKOH and both the vocalist and Epik High come together to create something special that is perfect for the colder fall season. Some days there are times where you just need to be alone and get lost in the music, and “Home Is Far Away” is the perfect song to listen to. The song itself talks about the trials and tribulations that life throws at us, and Epik High is known for getting real and raw when it comes to their lyrics and music. Often we are faced with moments where we are alone, and one of the prime instincts that kicks in is wanting to go home, but sometimes that isn’t an option because of what life throws at us. “Home Is Far Away” is about this struggle and journey of life and one that everyone can relate to at some point in their lives.

“Happen Ending”

Mixing both hip-hop and classical instrumentation, “Happen Ending” is another dark and somber song that speaks of the emotions of being broken hearted. When it comes to breakups, there are several emotions that can be running through you. Sometimes it’s sadness and loneliness or it could also be anger and frustration. “Happen Ending” expresses feeling angry and distraught after a breakup. It’s definitely a sucky feeling and can put one in a bad mood, but “Happen Ending” is a song that many can identify with. Let it be known that it’s okay and normal to be feeling these emotions after a breakup or getting your heart broken. “Happen Ending” is off of one of Epik High’s best albums, SHOEBOX, which also features Jo Wonsun of Rollercoaster, who is the vocalist that sings the chorus of the song.

“Can You Hear My Heart”

Closing out this week’s Throwback Thursday, we had to include one of the OSTs that Epik High has participated in. “Can You Hear My Heart” featuring Lee Hi is from the popular historical-fiction K-Drama, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo which stars IU and Lee Joonki. “Can You Hear My Heart” is an R&B ballad that speaks of the gut-wrenching feeling of longing and love. Whenever both Epik High and Lee Hi come together on a track, you know that this will be a song that you will have on repeat. Both artists know how to command the emotions and feelings that the lyrics of the song are saying and deliver on such a scale that it will move you to tears. If you are a big fan of the K-Drama, you know that this song always brought all the emotions whenever the main characters were together. Definitely makes you want to re-watch the drama again, doesn’t it?

Honorable Mentions:

  • “Fan”

  • “Amor Fati”


  • “Love Story” feat. IU

  • “Heaven” Feat. MYK

  • “UP”

  • “Maze” Feat. Dumbfounded and MYK

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