Fall Fashion Trends from K-Pop Videos

Fall Fashion Trends from K-Pop Videos

The leaves are changing colors, the sun sets a little earlier each day, and a chill graces the air whenever you step outside. It’s finally fall, which means it’s time to look to new seasonal trends for guidance on how to dress when summer’s over, but winter hasn’t quite arrived. Here are some of our favorite fashion and makeup tips for the season, borrowed from K-Pop idols:

1. Yellow

Certain colors, like orange, red, and green, are always popular when fall arrives, mimicking the colors of the changing leaves outside. But there’s one color in particular that’s already become a staple of this year’s autumn: yellow! The color has made an appearance in numerous music videos, and in no small dose—stars are often seen in a bright yellow staple piece or even a full yellow outfit. For example, in her October 10 release, “BBIBBI,” singer IU was seen in two bold yellow outfits—one featuring an animal-print beret and matching oversized jacket, and another in a slightly softer hue featuring a headband, a flowy top, and a sheer flowy skirt.    


Similarly, in her September 4 release, singer Sunmi was seen in a more gold-toned yellow, wearing a textured, structured jacket with green piping, paired with olive satin shorts, a tiara, and statement teardrop earrings.


Yellow is a pretty bold color, but it’s easy to incorporate it into an outfit in small doses—for example, wearing one yellow accessory, like IU’s beret or Sunmi’s earrings, in a simpler outfit. Additionally, it looks great as the center of a monochrome outfit, like the ones seen above. Try experimenting with different shades of the color until you find the perfect one.

2. Monochrome


The monochrome trend has carried over into fall, exchanging a summery palette for a more classic, wintry one. The monochrome concept can apply to an entire outfit, a makeup look, a set of accessories, or all of the above—matching your earrings to your eyeshadow, for example, creates a simple, yet polished look. In her solo debut video, “Into You,” SNSD member Yuri is seen in multiple color-coordinated outfits; one features a strapless red top paired with red earrings and red makeup, and another shows her in pink makeup paired with pink statement earrings.

3. Patterns and Layers


Going against conventional wisdom of only using one or two patterns in an outfit can make for a great overall look! Pairing multiple patterns together can add more dimension to an outfit, and layering individual pieces can create a carefully crafted ensemble. For example, in SHINee’s October 10 release, “Countless,” Key is seen wearing striped pants, a red blazer, a yellow shirt with multiple patterns, and a slim dotted necktie. An outfit like this isn’t for the faint of heart, but it creates an amazing overall effect; nothing he’s wearing looks quite like anything else, but none of the patterns clash with one another, either, making the outfit interesting to the viewer every time they look at it.

To pull off a look like this, make sure to choose colors that complement one another well. For example, Key’s outfit features red, blue, and yellow, all of which are primary colors that create an eye-catching look when paired together. Also, be sure to choose a mix of patterns and solid colors; instead of only wearing patterned clothes, or wearing items that all have very bold patterns on them, Key is seen in a mix of solid colors and patterns in varying strengths, so as not to create an overwhelming effect.


Onew is seen in a simpler variation of the same principles. His outfit pairs different shades of blue and green to create a sophisticated, yet relaxed, overall look. He’s only seen wearing one pattern, a blue and green flannel shirt, while the rest of his outfit uses solid navy blue and pops of light blue and white to pull together the whole look.

Even though it’s getting colder outside, there’s no better time to experiment with your personal style and introduce new colors, textures, and pieces into your wardrobe. Take advantage of the opportunity to brighten up the darker evenings with bold colors and patterns, and to stack on layers that are both fashionable and functional during chillier days. What fall trends are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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