K-Hip-Hop & K-R&B Comeback Galore!

K-Hip-Hop & K-R&B Comeback Galore!

This past week has been something else when it comes to releases in the K-Hip-Hop and K-R&B world. With as many big releases in the K-Pop world, it’s easy for these to get lost in the mix of a busy comeback month. But fear not, The Kraze is here to cover all your alternate genre needs!

Hoody (feat. Crush) - “Sunshine”

The princess of AOMG is back with a new single featuring prominent R&B singer Crush, produced by our favorite producer Cha Cha Malone. The two vocalists blend together so well, each with a verse that changes in style musically to fit each singer’s respective charms. Crush also has a fresh rap line toward the end of his verse. The music video is also quite interesting and eye-catching, with bright and contrasting colors depicting the two artists in separate but connected rooms. The video even features a cameo of labelmate Simon Dominic, who bursts in on a particularly incriminating scene.

Lee Moonsae (feat. HEIZE) - “Blur”

Lee Moonsae returns with “Blur,” a soft ballad track perfectly fit for the fall mood. While the track is absolutely gorgeous and warm, there’s an air of sadness that surrounds the story within the music video that slowly grows more heartbreaking toward the end. HEIZE’s vocals add a contrasting element to Moonsae’s deep, intense voice. If you’re here for a nice ballad but not ready for an emotional shot to the heart, be sure to avoid the music video and simply listen to the track!

Sam Kim (feat. Crush) - “Make Up”

Crush has been busy with his collaborations! In addition to being featured on Hoody’s track, he’s also featured on the title track of Sam Kim’s new album. Kim’s track is super smooth and even has a twinge of sexy in the beat—a true R&B melody. The blues element is especially apparent as the track is about making up with a significant other and features the struggle Kim faces after a fight. Be sure to check out his full album release Sun And Moon, as well!

Sik-K - “Fire”

A month since his last release “XIBAL,” Sik-K is back with new single “Fire.” “Fire” has a bit of a twist musically in that it has rock influences in the melody and features a rock group concept, which isn’t the type of music we often see made by producer GROOVYROOM. Still, it’s a surprisingly solid release and Sik-K pulls off the concept very well, meshing the rock and hip-hop genres in a fantastic way.

Flowsik - “BBUNG”

If you’re a fan of hardcore and true hip-hop, Flowsik will certainly never disappoint. It’s not an exaggeration to say the rapper snapped in this release, with his flow unbelievable in its own right and relentless from start to finish. This single may be the most true rap track on the entire list, especially since Flowsik doesn’t incorporate any sort of vocals, or even a standard music arrangement. Still, that is what gives the song its own charm that is so unique and so very Flowsik.

BOYCOLD (feat. HAON, Coogie and BewhY) - “YOUTH!”

Producer BOYCOLD has released his own album with the title track featuring HAON, Coogie, and rapper BewhY. “YOUTH!” is your standard hip-hop influenced track that features the verses as raps, and the chorus as vocals. We’re particularly excited to hear BewhY on a track since it’s been quite awhile since he’s released his own music. If you’re a fan of K-Hip-Hop, you’ll be a fan of this track for sure.

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