Korean Horror Movies for a Spooky October

Korean Horror Movies for a Spooky October

(Warning: some photos are contain gore)

October is finally here and what better way to celebrate Halloween than to watch a bunch of spine-tingling movies. Asian horror movies have made a trademark in the industry because of their unique stories and quality production that will surely make the viewers stay up all night. Here is a list of 6 Korean horror movies to watch with friends or family that will definitely make one jump to their feet.


A Tale of Two Sisters (장화, 홍련)

A family-oriented movie? Well, not so much if it involves strange scenarios and a frightening atmosphere. A Tale of Two Sisters is a 2003 South Korean movie written and directed by Kim Jeewoon. The plot focuses around two sisters, Soomi and Suyeon, who returned home from a psychiatric hospital after an extended illness. Since their mother’s passing, things were never the same for them as they endured the harassment of their step-mother out of respect for their father. Soomi and Suyeon then experience a series of unusual events that take a twist and hinder their relationship. Presently, The Tale of Two Sisters is the highest grossing Korean Horror film and even landed an American remake which is enough proof that the movie is a must watch film.  


Cinderella (신데렐라)

Although the title says Cinderella, the movie is far from glass slippers and prince charming. Cinderella is a 2006 South Korean movie directed by Bong Mandae that tells about women’s obsessions when it comes to beauty and appearance. The film revolves around Hyunsu and her mother who happens to be a plastic surgeon whom her friends go to for beauty advice and surgeries. Because of the obsession with being beautiful, Hyunsu’s friends end up dead but she is convinced that there is something more to it. As she searches for clues she finds out something that changes her relationship with her mother. The movie has a combination of horror and melodramatic genres that will surely make the hair at the back of one’s neck stand up because of the disturbing scenarios. 


I Saw the Devil (악마를 보았다)

They say that responding with kindness is the best revenge, but that does not seem to apply for everyone. I Saw the Devil is a 2010 psychological and horror-action thriller that introduces agent Kim Soohyun (played by Lee Byunghun) and his quest for retribution against Jang Kyungchul (played by Choi Minsik). The line between good and evil becomes blurred as agent Soohyun becomes a monster himself and takes to the extreme his revenge for his fiancée who was brutally murdered by Jang Kyungchul, a psychopath who kills for pleasure. The movie is a shockingly violent and perfectly accomplished tale of murder directed by Kim Jeewoon. It even made its premiere in the United States at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and had a limited US theatrical release.


Death Bell (고사: 피의 중간고사)

It is truly an honor to be part of the top class and be amongst the smartest students, but it’s a different story if one by one the students die based on their class rankings. Death Bell is a 2008 South Korean movie directed by Chang. It is about the top students of a Korean high school as they try their best to find the right answers and solve the exam-like problems given by an unknown person to rescue their fellow classmates. If the bell rings and the time is up, someone will die. No one can be dismissed, and no one is excused. The story has a shocking revelation at the end as it connects to the root of the reason why such events even happened. This film is perfect to watch with friends and some popcorn.


White: Melody of Death (화이트: 저주의 멜로디)

It’s already a known fact that becoming a K-Pop star is not easy because of all the training and struggles. But what if one member after the other starts dying? Is that a part of becoming a K-Pop star too? White: Melody of Death is a 2011 South Korean movie that perfectly combines music and horror. Girl group “Pink Dolls” have always been behind other K-Pop idol groups until they remake their newly released song “White,” which came from an unknown origin that made them instant stars. As they become more popular, jealousy and greed increase against the girls which eventually leads to their deaths. But one member, Eunjoo, later on, finds out the reason behind all the unexplainable events and the origin of the song “White.” This movie is perfect for all K-Pop lovers out there as it gives a thrilling feeling and goosebumps.


Train to Busan (부산행)

Last but not least on the list is the South Korean 2016 zombie apocalypse movie Train to Busan, directed by Yeon Sangho and starring Gongyoo, Jung Yumi and Ma Dongseok. The movie is about a zombie outbreak that occurs in South Korea and the passengers’ struggle in order to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan. They strategize how to keep themselves alive and save their loved ones. The movie has a unique story that will not only make the viewers scream with fear and excitement but also shed tears as the movie progresses. The film was the first South Korean film of 2016 to break the previous attendance record with over 10 million theatergoers, proving how good the movie is.

These movies will surely make the month of October more exciting and fun especially with friends and family. Each film has a unique and different story that will bring a different kind of fright. Make sure to check them out, but not alone!

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