A New Netflix Series: YG Future Strategy Office

A New Netflix Series: YG Future Strategy Office

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Kick back and relax; a brand new Netflix series is coming your way. Hyping fans up with teasers, YG Entertainment released a Netflix mini-series on October 5. Starring BIGBANG’s Seungri, also nicknamed “The Great Seungri” derived from The Great Gatsby, the artist plays a character with great ambition. Seungri leads a team of his very own staffers aiming to revitalize the company from its downfall, but what will happen to YG in the long run?

In Detail

Teasers portray Seungri as a character disliked by many, and fans feel pity for the lead even prior to YG Future Strategy Office’s airing. Described with words like “uncomfortable” from fellow artists, the singer’s role hints at his frustrating actions that eventually worsen the company’s hardships. A mixture of scenes from everyday life to scripted acts advances the storyline as it encompasses a wide array of conflicts that steer the plot.

From the first to eighth episode, Seungri proves his position as the lead actor, leaving an influential effect on the audience. Taking up the show’s title, he tackles surfacing problems with new strategies as the new adviser of The Future Strategy Office, a group full of “troublemakers.” Presenting absurd and experimental ideas, the leader receives unpopular feedback to his actions. Still, he persists to achieve his ultimate goal by devising his own plan: save his home, YGE, from failure and make it great again.

Covering aspects such as interactions between staff under a clumsy leader, YG Future Strategy Office brings in the audience, attracting them with so-called relatable content and creating a feeling of compassion with humorous accents and jokes. The viewers are able to consider their own typical day at a workplace and find a common connection with workers in the entertainment industry. Despite the differences in their workplace surroundings, the duty of an employee never changes. These unchanging principles allow a broader range of viewers to be entranced to the show.


Aside from reflecting such matters, this mockumentary sitcom illustrates the relationship between seniors and juniors—more specifically, the unapproachable status levels between the celebrities who are part of the film’s cast. Switching back and forth from script to non-script, fellow YG artists BLACKPINK, WINNER, iKON, AKMU’s Suhyun, Yoo Byungjae, and Lee Hi make their appearances, expressing subtle discomfort towards their senior Seungri as part of their act. The artists display their hidden, unvocal thoughts—I mean, their facial expressions and behind-the-scenes interview segments (surely which Seungri is oblivious of) prove it all. The typical standard of rude human behavior, which includes the action of publicly expressing discomfort or dislike, is implicitly presented through this show, providing a point to doubt the ambitious leader’s abilities as well as indicate the plausible cause of distant relations among seniors and juniors. Although not considering the other as a stranger, this show highlights how it is necessary to maintain a positive relationship, especially with seniors.

Other than featuring artists from YG, other cameos have made surprising appearances in the show as well. Apink’s Son Naeun and Sunmi strengthen the show’s objective in showcasing and emphasizing their negative impression of the lead actor. Building a strong base for the storyline, the two singers reestablish one of the main character’s flaws that unsteadily drive the company towards stability.

And More

Addressing societal events through a mockumentary generated a mass of interest from the public. Nevertheless, this series implements numerous comical factors to engage fans. Who wouldn’t want to see their favorites starred in a film, more like a K-Pop Netflix show?

However, with word spreading, Seungri is nearing his time to serve in the military. Whether or not the series will extend to a second season, the singer has possibly made his final appearance before following the rest of his members currently serving in the army. This piece reflects on Seungri’s natural ability as a celebrity, leaving an impactful impression on the public as he prepares for his departure.

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Nevertheless, the show—whether or not it was the artist’s last appearance before serving his term—was a nice finale. Showcasing a number of different matters in a comical sitcom definitely enhanced viewers’ understanding. Make sure to check out and binge watch through the eight episodes of YG Future Strategy Office. Without a doubt, it’ll surely make you laugh and you’ll get over it in the span of four hours, looking forward to a second season.

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