DAY6 Returns with Remember Us: Youth Part 2

DAY6 Returns with Remember Us: Youth Part 2

DAY6 has returned with their second installment for Youth, titled Remember Us: Youth Part 2. The first installment was much more of a dark, grunge vibe; however, Remember Us: Youth Part 2 gives fans an upbeat and refreshing concept. This second installment consists of seven brand new songs for fans to rock out to. The album was released after having wrapped up their Youth world tour.


  1. hurt road

  2. Title track: days gone by

  3. Headache

  4. 121U

  5. So Cool

  6. Marathon

  7. Beautiful Feeling

Going Retro with “days gone by”

As previously mentioned DAY6’s “Shoot Me” had a dark theme filled with angst which is a standard concept that we see DAY6 executing perfectly. However, “days gone by” switches it up for a refreshing bright and funky sound. This time around, the group has come back with an ‘80s-influenced, soft-rock song that we all can groove along to. From the sound to the set design and concept of the music video and album, DAY6 knew that they were going to bring us all retro vibes. The song is about reminiscing on the past of being in relationship. Looking back at it now, they noticed how much time has passed and the days that have gone by while being in that relationship. Although they are no longer together, the song talks about looking back at these memories fondly.

The music video features the DAY6 members in bright neon lights and backdrops, which add to the ‘80s vibe. Even the special effects of the music video have this filter that make it look like it came right out of 1980s television. On top of this song being fun and catchy, it’s quite refreshing to see the DAY6 members dancing to their song, which showcases their sheer joy. Also be ready to be attacked by the “feels” every time the members stare into the camera.

The Album

There are a total of seven songs listed for Remember Us: Youth Part 2; however, “Beautiful Feeling” was released prior to this album in celebration of their third debut anniversary. “Beautiful Feeling” is a happy and bright song that sends the message of thanks to their fans for all the love and support these past three years. The first song off the album, “hurt road” is a slow and emotional ballad that is perfect to put on when you want to wind down for the day or just need a song to chill out to. It comes as no surprise that DAY6 would deliver on a soft yet emotional ballad that will pull on your heartstrings. The next song that follows their title track is “Headache” which brings back the angsty rock sound. Get ready to be headbanging along (although please don’t give yourself a headache) to this funky and upbeat song. “Headache” is also a song that would fit perfectly into an anime opening credit scene, thanks to its empowering sound and beat.

“121U” is another rock-heavy track that will get you moving. If you need a song that will pump you up whether it’s for getting a workout in or just getting you through a load of work, “121U” is the song for you. Did you also catch the play on words for the title? “121U” is another way to say “want to want you.” Moving onto the fifth the song off the album, “So Cool” is another song that will boost up your mood. There is a ‘90s grunge influence sprinkled into the song that gives it its edge. It’s also another great addition to your workout playlist as well. Closing out the review is “Marathon” which is another bright and happy song that will instantaneously bring a smile. You can practically feel the positive energy that this love song emits. “Marathon” is also a song that is perfect for those long road trips with friends and family thanks to its happy-go-lucky sound and feel.

Once again DAY6 has outdone themselves with another solid album. There is a song out there for everyone to enjoy. Congratulations DAY6 for another successful release!

Title Track: 9/10

Music Video: 9/10

Album: 10/10

Overall Rating 9.3/10

Fansigns: Debunked

Fansigns: Debunked

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