Mystery Thriller Variety Show, Village Survival, The Eight, Makes its Appearance

Mystery Thriller Variety Show, Village Survival, The Eight, Makes its Appearance

With December comes the long-awaited holiday season. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas—after all, it’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit! It’s the perfect time to grab a couple of snacks, snuggle under the covers, and spend your Friday watching Village Survival, The Eight to make your night full of fun.

Village Survival, The Eight

Consisting elements of comedy and thriller, SBS’s new variety show, Village Survival, The Eight, kicks off with a positive viewers rating, rapidly gaining recognition among the public. With the plot based around the characteristics of mystery and thriller, the duality of the program appeals to the audience as the host and cast show off their charms, often adding a comical effect to the episode.


The cast is given 24 hours to find out the location of the lost money. The clues, when put together, point towards a single destination—the place where the money is hidden. To gain such victory, having more clues is obviously advantageous in winning the ultimate mission; through various activities and competitive games, each member is rewarded with hints. The program also implements a strategy aspect for utilizing a variety of methods to hide strong evidence or deceive those who may suspect a certain member as the prime suspect. Once the day is over, the MC announces the status of the money, whether or not it has been found. In cases where the money has been found, the “finder” is presented with two different options. He or she has the choice of receiving the reward immediately or waiting until the next week to receive twice the amount, only on the condition that he or she successfully hides the money and it remains untouched for the next 24 hours.

But wait, there’s a final chance for those who could not acquire the money to stop the finder from winning it. Just like the mafia game, the rest of the cast is allowed to make accusations and vote on revealing the true identity of one of their fellow members. Upon the success of finding the one, the money is not rewarded to anyone; if it all fails… you know what happens, right?

9 People, 9 Characters

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s move on to the cast members who helped this program brand a unique and creative identity of its own among hundreds of other variety shows. Featuring well-known stars such as Yoo Jaesuk, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Son Dambi, Im Soohyang, Song Kang, Kim Sangho, Kang Kiyoung, Jang Doyeon, and Yang Sehyeong, the nine members of the program show off their charming characters and strong chemistry throughout the show.


Yoo Jaesuk, one of the best entertainers in South Korea, makes a big presence with his position as the MC. His prior experience with Family Outing, Running Man, and more clearly serves an important role in the reality aspect of the show. Accustomed to how the program works, Yoo Jaesuk sets a comfortable atmosphere for the cast, allowing them to open up and express their own characters fully (some definitely unexpected!). His smooth manner of delivering transitional lines as the host gives the audience an opportunity to become immersed into the show, generating curiosity of what can possibly happen.

Stealing the hearts of many fans, BLACKPINK’s Jennie shows off her adorable personality on the show. The singer introduces herself while mentioning that she is experiencing the lifestyle of the countryside for the first time; despite the unfamiliar surroundings, the youngest member uses her strategic skills to make progress in the game and win the reward.

With her easy-going personality, Son Dambi breaks out of her charismatic diva image she has built up throughout her years as a celebrity. Her unexpected side draws more attention from the audience as they are intrigued by the contrasting characteristics possessed by the artist.

Im Soohyang, who recently participated in the romance drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty, initiated a change in her image through this program. Many remember her as Kang Mirae, but Im Soohyang’s laid-back and friendly character easily allows the viewers to set her apart from her well-known role.

Song Kang creates an identity of innocence through his presence, making the viewers laugh (especially when it’s quiz time). His pure character is very well depicted throughout the course of the program and helps the audience to take a liking towards the actor.

Kim Sangho is a celebrity who surprised many when he decided to participate in the variety show. A famous actor who took part in a countless number of films, his appearance on Village Survival, The Eight brought a fresh vibe to the show.

Kang Kiyoung also makes an impactful presence in the program. A familiar face to many, the actor establishes a pitiful character, arousing sympathy from the viewers. His unique identity brings diversity to the program.

A well-known comedian, Jang Doyeon never fails to bring laughter to the cast members with her humorous character. Her witty remarks are indeed worth it to look out for!

Last but not least, Yang Sehyeong brings the show alive with his comical actions. As many know, the comedian’s humor is popular among many, and he exhibits his greatest strength endlessly; his chemistry with fellow comedian Jang Doyeon makes the comical effect on the program even better.

Aside from the solid plot line of the program, the splendid cast lineup for Village Survival, The Eight adds on even more excitement for the viewers. Well, there you have it all—a program with a good plot and line up. What more can you ask for? So don’t hesitate to check out the newly aired program Village Survival, The Eight and fill your Friday nights with fun.

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