Throwback Thursday: Best of 2018 - Staff Picks

Throwback Thursday: Best of 2018 - Staff Picks

We have finally reached the end of the year! For Throwback Thursdays, we have previously covered the best releases of 2018 from both male and female artists. This time, we are returning with the Staff Picks for the best of 2018!

Anix, Social Media Coordinator

“Run” - Lee Jinah featuring GRAY

“The music video is underrated and the composition is so clever and good, it deserved better!!”


“Underrated electronic summer bop that also deserved better. This really showcased their unique vocal colors!”

Aleena, Writer & Editor

“Instagram” - DEAN

“‘Instagram’ is such a chill song, and it really speaks to my soul about how I feel when using Instagram.”  

“Nega Dola” - BoA

BoA reinstates how powerful of an artist she is, and this song is such a bop I can't stop listening to it.”

Roxy, Marketing Director

“Now or Never” - SF9

“It was so different from their normal musical M.O., and brought up a really great concept with possibly the catchiest song ever. It really showed what SF9 is capable of and helped put them on the radar, which they have struggled with despite being incredibly talented.”

“Blue Rose” - UP10TION

“It was an intense comeback that the group definitely isn’t known for and showed their musical versatility as well. The song, aesthetics, and choreography is very eye-catching and proves what the group is capable of despite struggling to make it big as well.”

Vandana, Writer

“Retro Future” - Triple H

“I thought it was a really unique and innovative concept that really pushed the envelope, and I was hoping that we could see Triple H do more stuff like that in the future—stuff that might seem too risque or out-there for a typical boy or girl group, but just right for Triple H. I'm sad that we probably won't see anything more from Triple H going forward, but I think the song and video are still really artistic and memorable.

Kelly, Writer & Editor


“The concept was not only perfect for summer, but also one that was executed perfectly in lyrics, vocals, and performance. It’s the kind of song you can’t help but smile along with when you listen to it and it definitely made the second half of my 2018 that much brighter.”

“Magic Shop” - BTS

“Not only did this song somehow embody the whole feeling of being an ARMY, but it was even written in part by Jungkook. The first time I listened to it, I cried (and I usually still do). It’s the kind of song where even if you don’t know the lyrics, the pure emotion behind the song transcends any language barriers. It’s a song that will always be very important and very personal to me, and I’ll never stop being thankful to BTS for creating it.”

Jay, Outreach Director

“Dance the Night Away” - TWICE

“If there is one song from TWICE that has released this year, it would have to be ‘Dance the Night Away,’ thanks to its catchy and fun beat. Every time this song comes on, I find myself smiling and singing along to the song. This, in my opinion, is one of the greatest summer releases of 2018. Not to mention the concept of the album and music video was so fitting for the girl group. Getting to see TWICE perform this live as well, was an amazing experience.”

“Bad Boy” - Red Velvet

“A song that has been in heavy rotation in my music library would have to be Red Velvet’s ‘Bad Boy.’ It’s such a sexy and alluring song, you can’t help but fall in love with the group. It was a darker, girl crush concept that we don’t often see from the group, but they delivered it stunningly. Whether it is the English of Korean version of the song, I simply can’t skip it. I would have to say it’s one of their best releases.”

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