GOT7 Gifts Repackaged Album, Present: YOU & ME Edition to Fans Worldwide

GOT7 Gifts Repackaged Album, Present: YOU & ME Edition to Fans Worldwide

GOT7 is back with a special album for fans, right in time for the holidays! Present: YOU & ME is the latest album to come from the group, offering 12 new songs on top of the previously released songs from Present: YOU. This repackaged album comes with two discs: the first disc contains the new songs for the repackage while the second disc features the songs from Present: YOU. In total, the entire album contains 24 tracks, giving fans double the amount of songs to enjoy.

This review will only be on the first disc featuring the brand new songs from Present: YOU & ME. You can read the previous review of Present: You, here.


Title: Miracle

2. Take Me To You

3. Come On

4. 1:31AM

5. Higher

6. I Love It


8. King

9. Think About It

10. From Now

11. Hunger

12. Phoenix

Holiday “Miracle”

It is only fitting that GOT7 would return with a holiday-themed song with “Miracle.” This is the second time that GOT7 has released a Christmas/holiday-themed song, with “Confession Song” being their first. While “Confession Song” is a bright and upbeat song, “Miracle” is a soft and sweet ballad. “Miracle” is definitely a side of music that we don’t get to see often from the group, and it is refreshing as we ring in the holidays. “Miracle” is the kind of song that will make you want to grab a warm drink and cuddle up with your loved ones as you listen to it. Taking a deeper dive into the song itself, “Miracle” is a love song about how a loved one has brought light into the the world. This person is depicted as the season of spring that brings warmth at the end of winter. It is thanks to this loved one that winter is not as lonely or cold; they are truly a miracle.

As “Miracle” is a song for the holidays, it comes as no surprise that this video is a winter wonderland, filled with snow and little Christmas-accented items scattered throughout the video. But the real gem of the music video for “Miracle” truly is a sweet one as it will warm your hearts to see the GOT7 members help and guide a little girl who gazes out from window and wishes to be with others. Fans who have watched the music video have speculated that the little girl is gravely ill, making the GOT7 members her guardian angels. There is a sense of magic in the air as the girl cannot see the members at first who have been helping her along the way, but by the end of the music video as she walks through the forest covered in snow, she sees how they’ve been with her all along. Fans have also speculated that at the very end of the music video, the little girl has passed on peacefully. Nonetheless, it really is a heartwarming music video with a touching meaning in both story and message.

The Concert Special

If you were lucky enough to attend GOT7’s concert for their FLY tour as well as their recent tour, Eyes on You, what makes this repackaged album even more special is that we now have official studio recorded audio for the collaboration songs that were performed and heard only through the concert. At long last, fans are treated to this special gift of songs. It is one thing to experience seeing these particular songs performed, never to really hear the song unless official video has been released. Ranging from slow ballads to upbeat, high-energy and bass-heavy tracks, there is a song for everyone in this album. While Present: YOU gave fans member solo songs, Present: YOU & ME gives fans unit songs. Below is the list of unit solos:

  • “1:31AM” - JB & Youngjae

  • “Higher” - Mark & Jinyoung

  • “I Love It” - Jackson, BamBam & Yugyeom

  • “WOLO” - Jackson, BamBam & Yugyeom

  • “King” - Jinyoung & BamBam

  • “Think About It” - JB, Mark & Youngjae

  • “From Now” - Yugyeom

  • “Hunger” - Jackson

  • “Phoenix - “Jackson & Yugyeom

While the repackaged album consists of mainly unit songs, GOT7 did not forget to put in two more additional songs that feature the whole group together. “Take Me To You” is an uplifting and bright song that is sure to turn a bad day into a good one with one listen. It is also not a GOT7 album without having a smooth R&B track like “Come On.” Get ready to groove along with this chill track that also brings the heat during winter.

GOT7 has once again outdone themselves by releasing another spectacular album. From member solos to unit songs, there is a song for everyone in Present: YOU & ME. Congratulations to GOT7 on another release!

Title Track: 10/10

Music Video: 9/10

Album: 10/10

Overall Album: 9.6/10

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