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Throwback Thursday: Best of SHINee

2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of SHINee, and the group has come a long way. For some fans, it may still be difficult since the passing of our beloved Jonghyun. But let us not forget the beautiful memories and songs that Jonghyun and the rest of SHINee have given to us. In celebration of Jonghyun’s final album being released a few days ago, and in his wonderful memory, this week’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to him and the SHINee members who have been so brave and strong all these years.


If you are in need of a feel-good, upbeat summer song, “View” is the perfect track for you. This is a fun song that will have you up on your feet, dancing along to the beat. The music video has a laid-back, carefree vibe as it showcases the members escaping their idol lives of being followed by cameras. Ditching their formal wear for jeans and t-shirts, it’s refreshing to see SHINee in a more relaxed, chill setting. You also cannot deny that “View” lives up to the signature SHINee catchy style of song. It will get stuck in your head, and you will catch yourself singing (and dancing the iconic dance move) to SHINee’s view.

“1 of 1”

Taking on the ‘90s vibe and concept, “1 of 1” is another fun track that was also one of the last few releases of SHINee together as five. From the fashion to the cinematography, as if the music video came straight out of a ‘90s TV-show, “1 of 1” is one of their best releases thus far. This comeback shows how SHINee effortlessly takes on new concepts and reinvents themselves while still maintaining that SHINee-type of feel. With the heavy influence of the ‘90s, “1 of 1” still manages to impress. Another cool fact is that aside from the physical CD, they also released the album in cassette form, staying true to the ‘90s throwback.

“Ring Ding Dong”

One of the first songs that many think of when SHINee comes to mind is their smash hit “Ring Ding Dong.” It is also one of their best, as they took the world by storm with this catchy song. Fans know that when this song comes on, you’re already getting in formation for the choreography. “Ring Ding Dong” features one of SHINee’s darker concepts, as all the members are wearing dark clothing and the classic theme of dark versus light plays into the visuals. Just to add, “Ring Ding Dong” will be turning 10 next year in 2019. Yes! The song is that old but, nonetheless, is a classic and one of the best from SHINee.


If “Ring Ding Dong” isn’t the first song you think of from SHINee, then “Lucifer” has to be the other. Whether it is the interesting hairstyles and clothing (Taemin’s luscious locks and the shiny clothes, for example) or the dynamic force of the choreography and song, you can’t help but get sucked into the magic that is “Lucifer.” This particular track is so catchy and addicting, it gets stuck in your head for quite some time. Let’s not forget the iconic choreography that goes with the song, which other idols to this day are still covering. When this song was released in 2010, with only two years in the entertainment industry, “Lucifer” put SHINee further on the map. They showed everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with and solidified their power as a top boy group in K-Pop.

It’s hard to deny the power of SHINee, as they are a group that has come a long way. To most fans, it seems as if it were yesterday when they debuted. While we could not cover and highlight every song that SHINee has put out, we look back at SHINee as they will forever remain a five-membered group. Although Jonghyun is no longer with us, his memory and legacy live on through his music with SHINee and his solo work. We continue to support the SHINee members and their future activities, standing together as we move forward and continue to remember Jonghyun.