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VAV Shines with Spotlight EP

VAV is back once again, treating VAMPz (their fandom name) and new fans to a new EP. Spotlight offers four brand new tracks plus the addition of their previously released track, “She’s Mine.” This is a nice switch up for VAV; in 2017, the group only released singles throughout the year. If you haven’t had the chance to check out VAV yet, here’s your chance to know a little bit more about their latest EP! 


Once again, VAV delivers another fun and upbeat dance track with their title track, “Spotlight.” This comes as no surprise to most VAV fans as they are well-known for releasing some catchy dance songs. But there is also a new sexy vibe to the song—as if it’s calling out to the listener to come forward and be their special person. You cannot help but fall for their charm! As for the music video, one of the most eye-catching scenes is when the group is standing on a rather simple stage but is spotlighted in a way that makes it as if their shadows are the ones dancing, despite them standing relatively still in that portion of the choreography. Since the release, the music video has garnered over four and a half million views! However, it would be nice to see VAV featured in a music video that showcases the group outside of a set. While the sets in the video are visually appealing and give the group different textures, their previous releases have predominantly featured them within a closed set. It would be nice for VAV to switch things up in the future, like tackling a storyline and make it into a mini-drama. Nevertheless, “Spotlight” is another great song and one to add to your music library!

The Album

The rest of the album features a great mix, with three other dance tracks and a ballad. “She’s Mine” is another track and music video to check out if you haven’t already. Aside from the ballad, “Winter Breeze,” the other tracks are also great, upbeat, and funky dance tracks that will have you up on your feet dancing along!

With the release of Spotlight, VAV surely impresses. Although this boy group has been around since 2015, they’re still a group that is underrated, though full of promising talent. If you have not gotten the chance to check out VAV, it is highly recommended you check out their latest EP, Spotlight, and also check out the rest of their previous releases as well. VAV is definitely a group to keep your eye on in 2018!