Valentine’s Day The K-Pop Way

Valentine’s Day The K-Pop Way

Love is in the airwaves as it’s the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re spending the night on a hot date or munching on chocolates and watching K-Dramas, there’s something to love about February 14. There’s also a K-Pop song for the entire spectrum of emotions felt about Valentine’s Day, too; see which one you identify most with!

Single & Loving It: “Palette”

Who says you have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day? IU’s hit song “Palette” is all about being comfortable within your own skin and not needing another person’s approval to feel complete. Instead, IU focuses on things that she likes, be it having short hair or liking the color purple more than pink. “Palette” is a fun exploration into IU’s mindset as she continues to grow and learn more about herself. Alongside her, G-DRAGON of BIGBANG shares that he overcomes  his troubles by being himself: “When I’m just me I shine the brightest / So don’t get scared when the darkness comes.” This song celebrates being unabashedly yourself and not needing another person to be complete “Palette” is the perfect “Single on Valentine’s and That’s Fine” anthem. “I got this, I’m truly fine, I think I know a little bit about myself now.”

Crushing on Someone: “Lil Something” 

“Lil Something,” a part of SM Station, is the collaboration between EXO’s Chen and singer HEIZE. The song’s Korean title, “썸타," loosely translates to the weird middle-ground in a budding relationship where both people aren’t explicitly dating but are too scared to take the first step. The lyrics follow suit, showing how the two tiptoe around each other: “Every time you text me / we keep talking about useless things / we have a little something, no we don’t, don’t be mistaken / but before I go to sleep, I think of you again.”

The music video is set during a fashion show, where Chen keeps a watchful eye on HEIZE and tries to take care of her in the chaos of getting models ready for the runway. “Lil Something” is a song that perfectly captures the overwhelming thrill of having a crush on someone.

In a Relationship: “You Belong To My World”

If there’s one thing in the world that can make a person believe that true love exists, it’s K-Dramas. Singer-songwriter Roy Kim’s “You Belong To My World” is an OST from the recently released drama While You Were Sleeping and is so sweet it could give you a cavity. What makes Roy Kim such a special artist is that his songs are simple yet beautiful; he doesn’t need any dramatic high note or thrashing cymbals to get his point across. Instead, accompanied by only a piano and guitar, Roy Kim uses his voice to convey an array of emotions that make the listener feel like they’re falling in love too. As it’s an OST, the music video for “You Belong To My World” features clips of the main characters of the series -- played by Lee Jongsuk and miss A’s Suzy -- throughout their sweet and tumultuous relationship. This isn’t Roy Kim’s first time singing OSTs that make listeners swoon with his romantic tracks; he also sang “Heaven” for the drama Goblin, “Starlight” for The King in Love, and “Pinocchio” for Pinocchio! “You Belong To My World” is a song that seems perfect for slow dancing to with someone you love… perhaps at a wedding!

It’s Complicated: “Let’s Not Fall In Love” 

Unlike “Lil Something” where there’s an overflowing joy between the two people who like each other, in BIGBANG’s “Let’s Not Fall In Love” the two love each other, but one is too afraid to take the next step. Instead, they want things to stay the same without having to commit to a relationship. It’s a heavy, complicated feeling that’s reflected in its lyrics: “Don’t expect too much from me / I don’t want to lose you either / before things go too deep, before you get hurt / don’t trust me.” Despite its sad meaning, the song has a dreamy feeling that’s similar to BIGBANG’s “Blue.” The music video compares the members having fun on romantic dates to their pensive, upset looks into the camera when they’re alone. The music video even has a blue tint to it, making it feel even sadder. At times, it is difficult to know whether to stay or to go in a relationship. For those times where love feels overwhelming, remember that BIGBANG has your back!

Heartbroken: “Growing Pains”

Breaking up with someone is the worst thing imaginable on Valentine’s Day, but there’s always a K-Pop group who can sympathize. Super Junior D&E’s “Growing Pains” is all about being devastated by a terrible breakup but still being in love with the other person regardless. The track is a passionate, rock-inspired ballad that shows off how beautifully Eunhyuk and Donghae’s voices blend together. “But I hope you aren’t hurting as much as me / I hope for this every day, countlessly / I hope you won’t remember as much as I do / I hope you’re better than me (oh today and tomorrow),” the members sing.

It’s not any easier for Donghae or Eunhyuk in the music video for “Growing Pains” either. The song’s lyrics and music video are reminiscent of the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The video shows both members plagued with visions of their exes wherever they go to the point where they consider getting them erased from their memories. The English title of the track, “Growing Pains,” is actually a very poignant and fitting title because heartbreak is similar to having growing pains as a child. It undoubtedly hurts, but the pain dissipates and you’re left older and wiser than before.

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