B-Sides Special: Valentine’s Day Love Songs

B-Sides Special: Valentine’s Day Love Songs

Ah yes, our yearly holiday that celebrates couples and love. If you’re like me, you’re going about your business as if it’s any other day, maybe picking up some chocolate on sale the day after. However, a lot of people enjoy a holiday celebrating love, and our favorite groups have released some pretty awesome love songs for the occasion. Let’s take a look at some favorites.

My Lady - EXO

Is there any song more wholesomely sweet and honest than EXO’s “My Lady?” A soft and pure confession song expressing the desire to be the most important man in a girl’s life, “My Lady” may be even more sugary sweet than a box of chocolates. What girl wouldn’t fall for a man promising such love and protection? You won’t find a more fitting track for Valentine’s Day than this charming confession.

Just One Day - BTS

We don’t get cute concepts from BTS but once in a blue moon, and nothing has been quite as endearing as “Just One Day.” For a group of boys that specializes in intense and hard-hitting concepts, “Just One Day” was executed surprisingly well in showing off their soft side. Rapper Suga’s verse paints a vivid picture of adoration in metaphors and sweet dreams that would enchant anyone, while the chorus speaks of a genuine fondness that every girl would love to hear a man express for her.

Oh NaNa - KARD

KARD’s first pre-debut release wouldn’t necessarily be seen as a sweet love song on the surface, but take a closer look and you will see the song speaks of a special connection rising above all the noise of other suitors. Many of us are familiar with the struggle to find someone special amongst a sea of sleazy individuals that aren’t worth our time, and “Oh NaNa” expresses this frustration while continuing the story after finding that special person. The song is catchy and soft in expressing real love.

Eclipse - Kim Lip (LOONA)

Pre-debut release of LOONA member Kim Lip, “Eclipse” is a catchy pop track that highlights her vocal talent, adding more of a sexy element to the description of love. The lyrics speak of the burning passion that follows with a new love, expressing the feelings of going crazy over a new love and the sensations that follow along with it. “Eclipse” is definitely more on the sensual side, but the track has an element of sweetness attached to it as well that makes it incredibly appealing.

Cool Hot Sweet Love - Red Velvet

Red Velvet has been red hot nowadays, so it feels only fitting to include one of their tracks celebrating this burning holiday. “Cool Hot Sweet Love” has sensual undertones much like “Eclipse,” but is a little less up front about it. The song focuses more on the conflicting emotions of a new burning love, feelings conversely complex and simple. The melody is enchanting and warm, focusing on the vocal prowess of the girls. The track certainly evokes the feelings of Valentine’s Day and is a perfect addition to your love playlist.

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