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EDEN, a Quiet Discovery

It’s a quiet return for EDEN—previously known as Eden Beatz—a producer with a burgeoning solo career who just released a brand new, entirely self-composed mini-album titled Ryu: 川 on February 8. Lovers of R&B and neo-soul will fall in love with the five-track EP at first listen, despite the fact that it isn’t widely talked about in the underground scene.

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This doesn’t mean that EDEN’s name is invisible in the music world. He has been listed behind the board of many hits, recently having taken part in BTOB’s successful “Missing You,” and has written songs for GFRIEND, Chancellor, and Babylon, amongst others. On Ryu: 川, EDEN sticks to his characteristic mellow neo-soul touch, the same that can be heard in Chancellor’s “Venus,” for example.

The EP opens with “93,” an uptempo track with a swaying beat and a more than catchy melody. Despite the fast rhythm of the song, it still retains a somewhat quiet vibe that is easy to listen to and get lost in. EDEN’s voice stays quiet throughout, fitting nicely with the song and his R&B delivery. Out of the five tracks on Ryu: 川, “93” is a must-listen.

The main title track off the EP is “Good Night,” a rock-inspired ballad featuring singer-songwriter Jukjae. “Good Night” truly stuns from the start. Though the piano melody is rather simple—and stays that way during the whole song—despite the slow, unchanging beat, “Good Night” lets EDEN show the best of his vocal prowess. His voice is what carries the song and gives it more depth, and therefore renders it so special. “Good Night” might very well become your favorite ballad of the hour.

It’s hard to pick a favorite out of the remaining three tracks as they each have something unique to offer. “Dance” is built on a hip-hop beat and a jazz-influenced melody and includes an appearance by rapper WOODZ. “Because You’re Pretty” is a chill R&B track, while “Little Bird” is yet another ballad present on the EP; though it is worlds away from the masterpiece that “Good Night” is, it is definitely worth a listen.

If you’re looking for some new chill music to listen to, look no further: Ryu: 川 is the mini-album you’re looking for, and EDEN might very well become your new muse.