Jung Seunghwan’s Winter And Spring

Jung Seunghwan’s Winter And Spring

As time goes, each of the numerous genres of music in the K-Music industry are finding their own time to shine. Nowadays, it’s not a big surprise to spot ballad songs settling on the top of the charts. Of all, Jung Seunghwan is undeniably one of the most popular vocalists. With his charming voice, And Spring brings comfort to many, warming up their hearts in the midst of winter.

From the Past to the Present

Jung Seunghwan made his first appearance as a contestant on Superstar K 6. However, the singer became widely known to the public through K-pop Star Season 4. He established a positive impression, creating unforgettably splendid stages. Ending the show as the second place winner, he left a strong image as a vocalist who has great potential to undertake various styles of music. Take a look at his stage that blew everyone at the site away, leaving them in awe.

Spring Is Coming

Now as an artist of Antenna Music, Jung Seunghwan is actively taking part in multiple aspects. Achieving many records on the charts with his OSTs—“If It Is You” from Another Miss Oh to “Wind” from Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart—the vocalist added an intense feeling of sorrow to the dramas, bringing chills as the song played in the background.


Joining as a producer and writer on his first full album And Spring, the title song “It’s Raining” instantaneously landed first on Soribada and Bugs. A majority of the reactions correlated to the idea of warmth that Jung Seunghwan succeeded in communicating to the listeners. Gaining feedback that certainly proved the artist’s strength as a vocalist, And Spring truly brought winter a step closer to spring.

A pre-released track called “The Snowman” successfully started off the singer’s comeback, receiving a lot of interest for its poetic lyrics. The lyrics, written by IU, give off her unique sense of character. Jung Seunghwan’s soothing voice brings the song to life, deepening the emotion of melancholy.

The quiet intro expresses the depth of sadness in “It’s Raining.” Although his songs may not have the most lyrics to convey the concept of the song, the singer’s way of communicating his message brings listeners to immerse themselves and to feel the sentiments.

The simple setup of the track’s music video provides a nice opportunity for viewers to solely focus on Jung Seunghwan’s voice and the song. The setting of the singer in front of a window with the sound effect of rain in the background creates an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere as he sings his new song entirely live—once again drawing attention to his continuous improvement as a vocalist.

The B-sides each consist of distinct moods, which is expected from the diverse artists that helped participate in Jung Seunghwan’s newly released album. Featuring You Heeyeol, John Park, Melomance’s Jeong Donghwan, Lucid Fall, Lee Jinah, and more, the album is filled with tracks of contrasting emotions and messages. Oftentimes either bright or full of intense sadness, And Spring provides a number of options from one to ten.


A rising vocalist, Jung Seunghwan came back with his first full length album And Spring. With feedback complimenting him on his great potential, this new release brought the young singer a step closer to the top. The rising trend of ballad songs can be especially noticed with this new album, and Jung Seunghwan’s future path in his musical career and what kind of music he will pursue is indeed something to look forward to.

“It’s Raining” Title Score: 10/10
Music Video Score: 9/10
And Spring Album Score: 9/10

Overall Score: 9.3/10

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