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B-Sides: Staff Picks Part 2 - Girl Groups

The staff here at The Kraze is composed of a unique group of people with different tastes in music and different favorites among K-Pop groups and songs. This week we asked some of the members to share their favorite B-sides from popular girl groups.

Aleena, Editor/Writer: “3%” - EXID (Solji Solo)

EXID's Street album has so many great songs, but Solji's solo is definitely one of my favorites. The acoustics back up Solji's strong yet delicate vocals, making this a highly emotional song. The lyrics describe Solji’s feelings when the person she thought she knew changes. This is a sad song you listen to when you're alone or feeling low.

Annika, Writer/Promoter: “Talk to Me” - Red Velvet 

I will literally never stop talking about this song. It's reminiscent of Ariana Grande's earlier works, which is a compliment in itself. The track epitomizes the group's concept as it's bouncy, like the Red part, but it has a bit of attitude to it, like the Velvet. It's my favorite Red Velvet song of 2017, and it was a perfect B-side for the quirky Rookie mini-album.

“Diamond” - T-ARA (Qri Solo)

The introduction followed by Qri's vocals sounds almost mystical. It has a slight Middle Eastern influence on top of a trap beat that would really be appealing in Western markets. She's essentially comparing herself to a diamond, so it's definitely a jam you'll want to put on when you're feeling yourself.

“Uncover” - LOONA Odd Eye Circle

The soft vocals and the twinkling sounds make it sound deceivingly minimalistic, when in reality there are so many layers to this song. Although it has a delicate delivery, the lyrics are pretty sensual. All of these elements blend together to make this dreamy tune that feels like one is floating on a cloud.

Sarah, Writer: “Boy” - EXID

Despite Solji's absence from the release, EXID's Eclipse remains an excellent piece on the group's discography, and the first track "Boy" blew me away from the very first listen. While at first you enjoy the bass-driven and quiet melody of the song, it doesn't compare to the drop of the chorus. Though it's not spectacular, it's still impressive, and very, very catchy despite staying quite subtle. "Boy" is the perfect song to listen to on gloomy, rainy days. It might get you swaying to its beat, or simply leave you to think as you watch the rain fall, but either way, there's no denying you will fall under its spell.