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HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseob Makes Long-Awaited Solo Return with Self-Titled Mini-Album

It’s been quite some time since HIGHLIGHT’s Yang Yoseob has released solo work. His self-titled mini-album, YANG YOSEOB, marks his second mini-album, and he is back once again to remind fans that not only is he a powerhouse with HIGHLIGHT, but he is a powerhouse soloist as well. In his latest mini-album, Yoseob treats fans and listeners two seven brand new tracks, all worth listening to and checking out.

Where He Has Gone and Back

Prior to the release of his latest mini-album, Yoseob’s last solo release was in 2012 with his smash hit, “Caffeine.” Fans can now rejoice as the HIGHLIGHT member has once again released new work. Upon the release of his mini, fans were treated to two new music videos, “Star” (which was actually a pre-release track) and “Where I Am Gone.” Although Yoseob may be the lead vocalist for HIGHLIGHT, many fans and viewers tend to forget that Yoseob is a fantastic dancer as well. In the music video in particular for “Where I Am Gone,” he smoothly executes the choreography, so fluid and clean that it will leave you in a trance. At first, “Where I Am Gone,” may seem like a ballad but it picks up in pace, turning the song into an R&B dance track. “Star” on the other hand, is a classic ballad that is soft and soothing like a lullaby. “Star” is also a reminder to all fans, listeners, and viewers that winter is not over just yet and is a song that is nice to curl up and stay warm to. Although Yoseob’s latest mini-album only has seven tracks, fans are treated to two wonderful music videos that are absolutely beautiful.

What To Expect

If this is your first time checking out Yoseob and his work, one thing to expect from his latest album is that this album features mostly ballads. As the lead vocalist of HIGHLIGHT, it comes as no surprise that Yoseob sticks to what he does best. Whether it is showcased in the falsettos sprinkled throughout the tracks or the powerful high notes he hits, this latest album will leave you breathless. In particular, his acoustic tracks, “마음 (Promise)” and “오늘 하루 (Today)” are highly recommended (and personal favorites) as they give a refreshing sense of warmth and will leave a smile on your face. But that still does not take away from Yoseob’s beautiful vocals that are showcased throughout the album. You will be in for a treat as you listen to Yoseob’s latest album. Although there aren’t really big and loud moments, as this is particularly on a slower pace compared to what is currently trending throughout K-Pop, Yoseob leaves a powerful statement.

It comes as no surprise that Yoseob has once again released a solid album. Yoseob croons into your soul with his latest album and certainly does not disappoint. The album is reminiscent of his first mini-album, but it is so much different and has its own colors that make it a highly recommended album to check out. Hopefully we shall see more solo work from Yoseob this year!