The Most Colorful BLACK DRESS

The Most Colorful BLACK DRESS

CLC’s comeback with their seventh mini-album BLACK DRESS made a bold impact on the K-Pop community. This album is surely one of a kind; with their girl crush concept and power vocals, CLC is ready to captivate fans’ hearts!

Despite their debut in March of 2015, CLC had not yet come out into the spotlight. Of all previous titles, “Hobgoblin” played a big part in spreading word about the group to the public. BLACK DRESS, however, is proving CLC’s musicality as a whole and uncovering the veil to show the girls’ true potential. This comeback may be the perfect opportunity for the girls to shine.



The title track “BLACK DRESS” starts off with a lively combination of beats, establishing a steady rhythm. This track took its place as my favorite CLC title song (I’m certainly all for it), and here’s the reason why. As the song heads over to the main verse, the tension that built on the EDM based track erupts to give off a powerful vibe. Also, make sure to look out for the repeating “black dress” phrase in the intro—it’s too catchy to resist!

The music video covers the essential points from the song really well, representing the overall theme in an aesthetically simplistic way. The color scheme emphasizes and integrates the black and red, an important component that makes the group’s bold concept complete. The sharp movements of the choreography demonstrate the hidden charisma within the girls. With the track being super upbeat, “BLACK DRESS” is a great song to lift the atmosphere and simply enjoy.

CLC Paints The Scene

Aside from the title song, BLACK DRESS introduces four other tracks of distinct colors.


CLC expresses the desperation of a person not being able to mend a relationship where they can no longer receive reciprocated love through “Distance,” or “선.” This track reaches out to everyone and creates a line of connection with those who have experienced heartbreak.

“Like That” incorporates a groovy hip-hop sound that includes a smooth mix of vocals and rap verses in between. This is definitely the B-side you should listen to to turn up the mood!

The members’ melodious vocals are something not to miss in “Seventh” (“일곱 번째”). A sweet song dedicated to fans, the girls list seven reasons that talk about the emotions they felt throughout their musical careers.

Maintaining an exciting and bright atmosphere throughout the whole song, “To the Sky” incorporates inspiring messages of encouragement. CUBE Entertainment released a special choreography practice video for this track; check out the video below to see the members’ smiles that are as bright as the song itself!

With the new release of their mini-album BLACK DRESS, fans are satisfied with CLC’s powerful girl crush concept. Being able to adapt to the distinct tracks, the group demonstrated their artistic potential they have developed throughout the years. Surprising many (even non-fans), the drastic change of the girls’ image caused a lot of people to take another look at the group. With this positive progression, CLC has finally found their place in the spotlight.

“BLACK DRESS” Title Score: 9/10
Music Video Score: 9/10
BLACK DRESS Album Score: 9/10

Total Score: 9/10

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