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The Queen of K-Pop is Back with Latin Flavor in “Nega Dola”

BoA, one of SM Entertainment’s longest running soloists is back on the K-Pop scene with her new single, “Nega Dola,” a classic dance track with Latin influence.

18 Years and Counting

BoA isn’t referred to as the Queen of K-Pop for nothing—with eight album releases in Korea, nine album releases in Japan and a debut in the American market, BoA has dominated the scene since the early days when K-Pop was expanding into the new millennium. Despite the seniority, she still shines just as brightly as the young bloods—her vocals still as sweet as ever and her choreography always on point.

“Nega Dola” begins with a classic Spanish guitar, which was prominent in the teaser. It is slightly misleading, however, as the Latin elements aren’t present throughout the song like they were for SF9’s “O Sole Mio.” The song breaks off into a classic K-Pop dance track for the verses and chorus.

Though I was expecting another homage to my native culture and ended up slightly disappointed with this change, the song is still quite catchy. “Nega Dola” has a different vibe from her previous single release “Camo,” which had a more techno-driven sound to it overall, as well as a more elegant style. “Nega Dola”’s fashion aims at a more casual angle and also clearly draws influence from Latin aesthetics. The use of bright neon colors is reminiscent of Chungha’s “Roller Coaster,” with a more hip-hop style to it.

It is unfortunate that this newest release is only another single as opposed to a full album from BoA. She still consistently releases great tracks, so it’d be nice to get more from her. Having said that, “Nega Dola” still showcases the soloist’s talent and all the things she still has to offer the K-Pop scene. After all, they don’t call her the Queen of K-Pop for nothing!