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Slow But Steady, Snail Hotel Aims to Win the Race

Everyone needs a break from their busy lives, a short period of time to just sit back and relax. A break from work or school sounds nice, doesn’t it? A show that will make you smile, cry, and laugh, Snail Hotel is here to provide you with the best service. Snail Hotel is a reality program designed to give famous figures the chance to escape the city life and relieve all their worries. Starring Lee Kyungkyu, Kim Minjung, and Sung Shikyung as the MCs and employees of the hotel, the reality show aired its first episode on January 30, 2018. Hitting over the 2% mark and even placing first in viewer ratings, the program’s future already seems bright.

Welcome to Our Hotel

Located in Jeongseon County of the Gangwon Province, Hotel Dalpaengyi (which literally means “snail”) shows off its antique exterior. With the modifications of each room, the hotel transforms into a lovely place that radiates warmth and comfort—creating a mood to fit the theme of “healing.”

The chemistry between the MCs is another reason to watch the show. A combination that is fairly difficult to find, Kim Minjung joins Sung Shikyung and Lee Kyungku as the only female MC.

Actress Kim Minjung occasionally appears on variety shows, but Snail Hotel is a long-term program that she will be participating in. Although some may have misconceptions about the character of the actress, Kim Minjung proves them wrong in the first episode. During her interaction with the two men, her blunt and honest traits appeal to the viewers. Rather than shying away from the other members, her confident attitude and bright smile bring expectations to her future role as the youngest hotelier of Hotel Dalpaengyi.

Lee Kyungkyu, a famous entertainer, appears on Snail Hotel as the manager of the hotel. Known for his trademark way of expressing anger, he takes up a slightly calmer demeanor along with his responsibility to help the guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

Sung Shikyung, also known as the king of ballads, returns to the world of entertainment after his last variety What Shall We Eat Today? Season 2 as a multi-tasking hotel employee. He shows off his affection towards Kim Minjung, which shakes the hearts of viewers. It is exciting to see how the two younger members develop a special bond that improves the teamwork among the employees.

First Time Here?

The unexpected guest lineup also brought attention to the show. In comparison to other programs, Snail Hotel presents celebrities of diverse ages and professions because the main purpose is to bring everyone closer in order to get to know each other personally. With guests including the traditional Korean folk (gugak) singer Song Sohee, singer Lee Sangeun, and actress Kim Jaehwa, the program broadcasted the second episode on January 6. But before you get started, remember to get some tissues ready (who knows what might happen). Now you’re ready to laugh and cry along with Snail Hotel!