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B-Sides: Staff Picks Part 1 - Boy Groups

The staff here at The Kraze is composed of a unique group of people with different tastes in music and different favorites among K-Pop groups and songs. This week we asked some of the members to share their favorite B-sides from popular boy groups.

S Ali, Writer/Promoter: “Heaven” - EXO

Off of EXO's legendary EX'ACT album, "Heaven" is simply a song that can be replayed for years on end. Though not necessarily title track material, it's a song that perfectly highlights each member's strengths—the vocalists with their brilliant, clear notes and the rappers with their catchy rhythm.

Jay, Writer/Promoter: “Carnival” - B.A.P

B.A.P doesn't often do bright and happy concepts, but "Carnival," which comes off their EP, Carnival, is such a fun song you can't help but dance to it. It's refreshing to see B.A.P do such a fun concept, and in this particular track, you can almost see the positivity radiating off of not only the music itself but the members as well, as they yell and sing the lyrics. (Plus, getting to see B.A.P perform this live made it even more fun and energetic, and I will never forget how B.A.P. matched the crowd’s intense energy on stage.)

Melissa, Promoter: “Move” - BTS

I literally love everything about this song. The chill vibe, the vocals, the raps, and especially the lyrics. In this song, the boys talk about how they grew as people and are ready to move on to do even more great things. I'm not going to lie, my eyes have definitely gotten watery listening to this song, and I think it's because I'm slowly moving into adulthood. I'm turning 22 later this year, and I'm graduating from college in a few months. Although I'm excited, I can't help but feel nervous about facing the "real world." I also can't help but think about how much time flies by. I mean, it's already been three years since this song came out! Life is moving so fast, but hearing this song calms me down. Definitely give it a listen!

Daniela, Editor: “Zero” - INFINITE

"Zero," off INFINITE's Infinite Only album, is an absolute treasure. Not only is it wonderfully energetic, but it also perfectly encapsulates the group's signature orchestral sound. The members deliver outstanding vocal performances, and the song gives title track "The Eye" some serious competition on the basis of an incredibly catchy chorus.

Sarah, Writer: “Sun & Moon” - NCT 127 

No one could have predicted a song like "Sun & Moon" to appear on NCT 127's high-energy mini-album Cherry Bomb, or any NCT release for that matter. While the group's sound is often powerful and up-tempo, founded on trap and EDM roots, "Sun & Moon" breaks that tendency with a synth-heavy melody built on a quasi-absent beat, giving the song its characteristic ethereal tone. The novel vibe paired with romantic, heartfelt lyrics and a talented vocal delivery makes this track definitely stand high among NCT 127's repertoire.