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Hyolyn Returns With “To Do List” Single

Hyolyn is back once again with a new single for fans worldwide! After the disbandment of SISTAR in 2017, the soloist has been hinting at future projects and even establishing her own music label. On February 6, Hyolyn dropped her latest single “내일할래(To Do List).” Although it is a single track, fans can anticipate more work coming from the female vocalist in the future!

“내일할래(To Do List)”

Hyolyn keeps it simple in her latest single, as she only sings with the accompaniment of a guitar, giving it that laid-back, soothing vibe. While the song does give off a chill kind of vibe, it also has hints of sorrow as this song is also a break-up song. In this particular song, and as the lyrics suggest in the official music video, Hyolyn is so busy trying to get things done off of her own to do list that she has put off her own feelings of love and breaking up with her lover. Aside from the song itself, the music video is done in a documentary style as it takes viewers on a journey of her adventures in Los Angeles. It’s done in a behind-the-scenes style that makes it more personal and shows the other side to working as an artist. While we are used to seeing an artist glammed up, Hyolyn brings a down-to-earth vibe with this latest release.

As this is only a single, it is highly recommended that you check it out if you haven’t already, and follow her on social media as there is a lot more to come from Hyolyn. It’s only the beginning of the year and fans can anticipate that this female idol is going to be very active in 2018!