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Unrest and Quiet for Dynamic Duo

Rapper and singer-songwriter HEIZE, R&B artist SURAN, and designer-turned-reality-TV star Kim Chungjae—believe it or not, these three people all had a hand, some way or another, in the latest Dynamic Duo single. If that mix sounds slightly intriguing, it surely does not take away from the amazing song that is “BONGJESEON,” the rap duo’s newest track.

The single has been generating talk since last week, as Dynamic Duo’s label amoeba culture started posting teasers of the group’s upcoming release. Sure, we would have liked to hear news of a mini-album, or even better, a full-length release—but the resulting single is in no way disappointing; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The track is rooted in R&B and soul, with a slow, swaying beat and a subtle synth-led arrangement. This puts the performers of the track under the spotlight, as their delivery is enhanced by the soundtrack: Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko takes on most of the singing in the track, leaving partner Choiza to shoulder the song’s rap verse. Halfway through, SURAN makes an appearance for the second verse, her rich, sultry voice mixing incredibly well with Gaeko’s own steady pitch.

One can’t mention SURAN’s verse without highlighting the (other) woman behind it: HEIZE took part in the writing of “BONGJESEON,” alongside Gaeko and Choiza, though SURAN was the one to lend her voice to her part. The lyrics of the song are actually worth looking at; speaking of an all-consuming love that fell apart, the emotion of the words is well carried through the melody, only adding to the already yearning feeling it gives off.

The music video also tells the same story, though a little more vaguely, in a stunning way through intricate cinematography. Various close-up shots spread out throughout the video give an impression of intimacy—something else that comes out of the song as well—and adds that much more emotion into the mix. The music video also stars designer Kim Chungjae, who unexpectedly rose to fame after appearing briefly in reality show I Live Alone on MBC, in which his friend and manhwa artist Kian84 is a cast member.

Overall, “BONGJESEON” is an accomplished single for Dynamic Duo. It tends more towards their quieter repertoire, and though we’re still hoping for a more complete, multi-track release in the near future, fans will be satisfied with the beautiful piece that is “BONGJESEON.”