Exclusive Interview: Meeting MVP

Exclusive Interview: Meeting MVP

Just a year into their career, MVP is a rising K-Pop boy group newly debuted on March 14, 2017. The idol group has sparked quite the interest among the public, seeing as a few of the members appeared on The Unit and the group as a whole has just recently finished their South American fanmeet tour. The Kraze had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with MVP, and we’ve certainly gotten to know this group and what fans can expect from them in the future.

1. Can you please introduce yourselves and tell us a little about MVP?

MVP: Right now, MVP! Hello, we’re MVP, a performance-focused idol group that debuted on March 14, 2017.

Kanghan : Hello, I’m MVP’s multi-talented leader Kanghan.

Kanghan: Hello, I’m MVP’s multi-talented leader Kanghan.

Gitaek : Hello, I’m MVP’s main vocalist Gitaek.

Gitaek: Hello, I’m MVP’s main vocalist Gitaek.

Rayoon : Hello, I’m MVP’s rapper Rayoon. 

Rayoon: Hello, I’m MVP’s rapper Rayoon. 

P.K : Hello, I’m P.K, the member in charge of main performances and rapping.

P.K: Hello, I’m P.K, the member in charge of main performances and rapping.

Jin : Hello, I’m Jin, the older twin, and the group’s sub-vocalist.

Jin: Hello, I’m Jin, the older twin, and the group’s sub-vocalist.

Been : Hello, I’m Been, the younger twin, and the all-around fun-loving member.

Been: Hello, I’m Been, the younger twin, and the all-around fun-loving member.

Sion : Hello, I’m MVP’s ultimate maknae and lead vocalist Sion.

Sion: Hello, I’m MVP’s ultimate maknae and lead vocalist Sion.

2. What can fans expect from MVP in 2018? Any comebacks or fanmeetings planned for the future?

MVP: In 2018, we plan to make our comeback with more amazing performances. Once we make our comeback, we hope to hold a fanmeeting [alongside] various [other] events to meet with our fans! We’ve also just completed our first overseas fanmeet tour in South America, which was a lot of fun, so we hope to be able to tour more in the future!

3. What was the hardest part of being a trainee?

Kanghan: First of all, I think the hardest part about being a trainee was the waiting. Walking a path with no clear future isn’t easy, but even after debuting, I find myself worrying about a lot more things, and continuously trying to better myself for the fans has proved to be a challenge.

Rayoon: Worrying about the debut itself was probably the hardest part. I think the anxiety and uneasiness was harder on me mentally than physically.

Gitaek: Having to wait while I knew there was no guarantee to anything was the hardest.

P.K: As a trainee, I wondered which other trainees I’d be able to debut with, and even after debuting, whether we’d all be able to pull through the hardships to do well. I think these thoughts were always a constant worry in my mind.

Jin: For me, the most difficult part of being a trainee was continuously practicing without knowing when I’d be able to make my debut. I worried a lot about when I’d be able to finally debut and get out there.

Been: Jin and I moved up to Seoul and the two of us lived in a really small place. We didn’t know our way around and didn’t know anyone either. It was difficult, but we were able to depend on each other and overcome that challenging period in our lives.

Sion: The uncertainty of whether I’d even be able to debut at all was the biggest hardship for me as a trainee.

4. What’s the best part of getting to stand on stage, performing for the world?

Kanghan: It makes me happy that the seven of us can stand together on one stage. The best part of being able to perform together is that we have the opportunity to let people know who we are.

Rayoon: I’m thankful that we have the chance to let people know about MVP. I think just the fact that we’re able to show everyone our group is the best part.

Gitaek: Being able to showcase our awesome performances for everyone is probably the best part.

P.K: I like that all seven of us are able to stand on stage together as artists to show people the best of who we are.

Jin: I think the question kind of answers itself. The best part is that we get to stand on stage and perform for the world. We get to show who we are to the world as well as show off our individual charms.

Been: The real good part is getting the opportunity to tell more people about MVP. Given this precious opportunity, we’ll make sure to work our hardest and do our best to show our growth as artists.

Sion: I’m just happy that all seven of our members are able to appeal to a broader audience.

5. What is some advice that you would like to give others who are pursuing dreams of becoming an idol/musician/artist?

Kanghan: I’m not sure what type of advice to give since we’re still rookies ourselves, but the best advice I can give is to not give up because I think perseverance is your greatest weapon.

Rayoon: I believe that if you work diligently towards accomplishing your dream, you will find it right in front of your eyes in due time.

Gitaek: If you want to become a singer, you must love music. You have to think of music as your friend and always keep it by your side. If you do that, I feel that eventually you will succeed.

P.K: If you truly believe in yourself and have a passion for your dream, you have to be willing to endure the weight of it as well.

Jin: I feel that I’m still too young of an artist to share any sort of wisdom, but in my experience, there were many instances where I became discouraged and felt hopeless while chasing my dream of becoming a singer. However, if you don’t give up and continue to pursue your dream, I believe someone is bound to recognize your efforts.

Been: I think the act of doing is more important than the act of thinking. If you make the proper steps to transfer your thoughts into action, you’ll be that much closer to achieving your dream.

Sion: I believe the most important thing is to give it your all until the end so that you have no regrets later.

6. What music or which artist have you been listening to lately? Any recommendations?

Kanghan: Martin Garrix - “So Far Away”

Rayoon: A.C.E - “Callin,’” Lee Changsub - “At the End,” all of BTOB’s music

Gitaek: Woodie Gochild - “Let’s Get It”

P.K: Fifth Harmony - “Work from Home”

Jin: Nation’s Son (Produce 101) - “Never”

Been: BTS - “DNA”

Sion: Michael Buble - “Home”

7. Which K-Pop artists have caught your attention lately?

Kanghan: Wanna One

Rayoon: A.C.E

Gitaek: WINNER


Jin: Dreamcatcher

Been: BTS


8. Which artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Kanghan: BTS

Rayoon: Bolbbalgan4, BTOB, A.C.E

Gitaek: Urban Zakapa

P.K: MONSTA X Jooheon, EXO Kai, A.C.E

Jin: PSY

Been: BTS

Sion: Michael Buble

9. Are there any variety shows that you would like to participate in if you had the opportunity?

Kanghan: Real Men

Rayoon: Radio Star, MC on a music show

Gitaek: King of Masked Singer, Immortal Songs

P.K: Let’s Eat Dinner Together, Weekly Idol

Jin: I Live Alone, Running Man

Been: Knowing Bros, Running Man

Sion: Running Man

10. What does MVP mean to the members?

Kanghan: Brothers.

Rayoon: A crew of sailors on one ship.

Gitaek: Blood, sweat, and tears.

P.K: Trust.

Jin: The best members anyone could ask for.

Been: Saw-toothed wheels. We would need the same type of wheels in order to perform properly.

Sion: My heart.

11. Is there any special message you would like to give to your fans, especially your international fans, who are reading this right now?

MVP: Hello to all of our VICTORYs! We’re always thinking of you and putting forth our best effort for you guys. Thank you so much for loving and supporting us. We look forward to spending many more happy days with you!

Bonus Round!

1. Which MVP member is the cleanest in the dorm?

MVP: Sion. He’s constantly showering and washing.

2. Which MVP member is the messiest?

MVP: Gitaek. He’s not really messy… but he’s just a little freer than the other members.

3. Which MVP member has the weirdest sleeping habits?

MVP: Sion. He’s always fighting someone in his dreams.

4. If you could switch positions with any member, who and why?

Kanghan: Sion. I want to be the maknae.

Rayoon: Sion. I also want to experience being the maknae.

Gitaek: Sion. I want to try being the maknae.

P.K: Sion, because I want to see what it’s like to be the youngest in the group.

Jin: Been, so I can see what I’m like.

Been: Jin, because I also want to see myself and see what I’m like.

Sion: Kanghan, so I can try being the oldest member of the group.

5. Which MVP members cook in the dorm, and what is your favorite dish from them?

MVP: Kanghan is the best cook. He can cook pretty much anything well!

6. Who has the most aegyo?

MVP: Rayoon. He loves hugging and showing affection, especially to the younger members.

7. Who fits the tsundere type the most?

MVP: This would be Rayoon too. He always seems to scold and nag at the rest of the members for not cleaning, but in the end, he’s the one who makes sure to take care of us all.

Thank you so much to MVP and SubKulture Entertainment for giving The Kraze the opportunity to interview MVP. Stay tuned for future activities from this monster rookie group and make sure to follow them on social media! If you have not gotten the chance to check out MVP, make sure to take a look at their “Take It” music video down below!

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