Throwback Thursday: Best of 2NE1

Throwback Thursday: Best of 2NE1

Welcome back to another Throwback Thursday! For a while now, we have covered some of the best releases from particular groups such as miss A, Super Junior and BIGBANG, and this week we are going to focus on legendary and iconic girl group, 2NE1! While it is unfortunate that this girl group is no longer together, 2NE1 has left a lasting mark since their debut in 2009. This girl group has quite a lot of great songs and albums under its belt and, while we would like to list all of them, we’ll highlight a few among the best for this particular Throwback Thursday.

“I Am The Best”

If there is one song that pops into your mind when thinking about 2NE1, it has to be their smash hit, “I Am The Best.” From the catchy lyrics down to the addictive beat, “I Am The Best” will surely have you on your feet and singing along to the song. If you are in need of a song that will pump you up and get you ready for your day, “I Am The Best” is one to add to the playlist. Just recently during the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, former leader and member CL performed “I Am The Best” at the closing ceremony. If you watch it, you can hear and feel from the crowd in the stands how beloved this 2NE1 song is in South Korea.

“Missing You”

Although 2NE1 is known for their upbeat, catchy dance tracks, the group has quite a few ballads under its belt. One in particular is their emotional ballad, “Missing You,” which may bring tears to your eyes. Every bit of longing and sadness is poured into this particular song that will move you in so many ways. “Missing You” is beautiful lyrically and artistically, and the music video leaves viewers and listeners blown away.

“Falling In Love”

While it is not exactly summer just yet, “Falling In Love” is the 2NE1 summer anthem. From the Reggae/Hip-Hop influence down to the fashion and colors used throughout the music video, the song practically screams summer. Whether you are chilling at the beach or even just at home jamming along, 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” is a fun track and highly recommended. Let’s not also forget the cameo appearance of actors and known friends, Lee Soohyuk and Hong Jonghyun!


We simply cannot end this week’s Throwback Thursday without going all the way back to 2NE1’s debut track, “Fire.” While the ladies were first introduced in a collaboration track with then-labelmates BIGBANG with “Lollipop,” 2NE1 made their big debut with “Fire” which did indeed bring the fire to shake up the K-Pop scene. 2NE1 stood out with their debut as they didn’t do the cute and innocent concepts that all the other groups were doing at the time. 2NE1 took the K-Pop world by storm with their fierce, Hip-Hop influenced style, which could have been the start of the girl-crush concept that many other female K-Pop groups are accomplishing currently. “Fire” showed off that 2NE1 could have not only this edgy street style but pull off a sexy, feminine charm as well, with the  release of two music videos that showcased both aesthetics from the ladies. “Fire” is one of those songs that will forever remain a classic in the K-Pop world and shall never be forgotten.

Honorary Mentions:

  1. “I Love You”

  2. “Lonely”

  3. “Do You Love Me”

  4. “CLAP”

  5. “GO AWAY”

  6. “Can’t Nobody”

  7. “Come Back Home”

  8. “I Don’t Care”

  9. “UGLY”

  10. “It Hurts”

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