Time To Say Goodbye

Time To Say Goodbye

This past week, two variety shows we all have grown attached to have unfortunately made concluded their long journeys. Despite their distinct differences, both Infinite Challenge and Weekly Idol rose to be two of South Korea’s most well-known shows. It’s a bit difficult to imagine my Wednesdays and Saturdays without these two, but sadly, it’s time to let them go. Let’s relive our precious memories with these programs!

Infinite Challenge

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First up is Infinite Challenge! A variety show famous throughout the nation for its sincere intent to reach out and communicate with the public, this program first began its journey in 2006. Undergoing hardships that even led to thoughts of ending the show, the cast and production team experienced several slumps. Multiple adjustments in the cast merely made it worse. However, these difficult times only made the team stronger. Starting from the bottom, the determined minds worked together and eventually reached the top.

Standing parallel to the title as South Korea’s “National Variety Show (국민예능),” Infinite Challenge was loved by a variety of people regardless of age. The program was consistently loved for its content, and a great chunk of the show was dedicated towards fans who showed their support. In response to their unconditional love, a majority of the challenges done by the members were based off of the public’s requests. This system proved to create a strong, irreplaceable bond, diminishing the line between the members and fans. Through this trust they built, the cast (Yoo Jaesuk, Park Myungsoo, Jeong Junha, Haha (featuring Yang Sehyung and Jo Seho)) was able to get closer with their audience, which became a great appealing point.

Not only did they catch up on trends, Infinite Challenge created a series of original content that brought tears of joy or sadness to the viewers. Presenting “토토가,” “못친소,” “무한상사,” and more, the show proved to be worthy of its title. If you need to take a breather from your busy life, here’s a good way to relax.

It’s sad to think that we will no longer be able to see the continuation of this hilarious and heartwarming series. However, don’t forget that Infinite Challenge is always by our sides; rather than grieving over the end of it, look towards the positive light and remember the good times!

Weekly Idol

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If you’re a fan of K-Pop, Weekly Idol is a must for you! Weekly Idol, a program run by the Doni (Jung Hyungdon) and Coni (Defconn) duo since 2011, made its way to becoming one of the top idol shows. With the rapid growth of K-Pop, the show even became known to international fans, succeeding in targeting a wide audience base.

Not to exaggerate, but this program was what started it all; the viral 2x speed dance challenge, Gwiyomi Player gestures created by BTOB’s Jung Illhoon, random play dances, and more became unique segments that represented the program. Even before that, the show included several features that unfortunately did not last until the end. Now, looking back, the idol rankings and ‘알랑가몰라’~ 둘 중 하나! (“‘Don’t Know If You Know’~ One of The Two!”) with Apink’s Bomi and BTOB’s Illhoon are now just pieces of a fond memory. (Throwback to the old days!)

As a variety show dedicated to idol groups and various artists, Weekly Idol provided a large amount of content to satisfy fans. The addition of idol MCs (Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, Apink’s Bomi, EXID’s Hani, and more) throughout the years also brought more attention. The MCs’ chemistry was not to miss; the playful teasing and honesty of the duo lifted the overall mood of the program, attracting more interest and becoming one of the top reasons to watch the show.

Weekly Idol relatively did not go through a slump, but MC Jung Hyungdon’s health issues led to his temporary absence. As a result, numerous idols replaced his position for the time being. But with his return, Weekly Idol was back up and running just like the old days—you can tell through the duo’s signature style of running the show (once again, INFINITE’s Sunggyu and a few other idols were victims of the teasing).

With this, the first season of Weekly Idol has come to an end. But don’t fret—the second season featuring Kim Shinyoung, Yoo Seyoon, and Lee Sangmin is coming soon! It’ll be different without our Doni and Coni duo, but it’s worth anticipating what kind of change the three new hosts will bring with their arrival. Long live Weekly Idol!

Although both programs are no longer continuing on with their original format, they will always remain in our hearts. Adieu, Infinite Challenge! Adieu, Weekly Idol! Thank you to the cast and production team for all your hard work in making our weeks the best. May everyone have the best of luck, and we hope to see you all again!

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