EXO-CBX Springs into Season with Blooming Days

EXO-CBX Springs into Season with Blooming Days

EXO’s first sub-unit group, EXO-CBX, has made their return to the K-Pop scene! After having an explosive debut in 2016, EXO-CBX is back with their second mini-album, Blooming Days. This latest album is filled with songs that are fun, catchy, and addictive—perfect for this spring season as the weather slowly heats up!

The Music Video

True to its theme of spring, their music video for “Blooming Day” is bright and full of colors with flowers sprinkled throughout. This particular song and music video has a funky dance vibe that will get everyone up on their feet. “Blooming Day” (like their debut track “Hey Mama!”) is a refreshing track that will have people grooving along. Fans will also find themselves swooning from the members’ sweet and smooth-like-honey vocals. Do not be surprised if you even catch yourself replying when CBX sings the lines, “Can I be your boyfriend? Can I?” From the minimalistic, Instagram-aesthetic visuals of the sets and members, down to the choreography and song, “Blooming Day” is pleasing to the eyes and ears and considerably one of the best spring-themed tracks to be released thus far.

The Album

Blooming Days consists a total of seven tracks (including “Blooming Day”) that all fit into their concept of spring and summer. Aside from the concept, the teaser photos for this particular release were done in the format of days of the week, taking fans and listeners on a journey throughout the week through their tracks.

The album first kicks off with “Monday Blues” which is a mellow R&B track that is the perfect depiction of how we feel on Mondays, simply dreading the start of the week. It also serves as a great lead into their title track, “Blooming Day,” as the week begins to pick up. The third track, “Sweet Dreams” is the Wednesday track, and it builds up even more from the excitement for the end of the week. “Sweet Dreams” even references “Hump Day,” which is another term for Wednesday and is a song that takes on a ‘80s/’90s retro feel—similar to the type of upbeat songs seen on their first album, like “Cherish.”


While the fourth track, “Thursday,” is representative of the corresponding day, EXO-CBX brings on a slow jam to give some contrast to the rest of the songs on the album, offering a smooth, almost jazz and R&B twist to the album. “Vroom Vroom” is the Friday track and as we get towards the end of this journey with EXO-CBX, we finally arrive to the weekend! “Vroom Vroom” is the perfect song to put on blast as you get ready to head out and have fun for the night. “Vroom Vroom” gives off that Bruno Mars “24K Magic” vibe with its ‘90s influence and is a definite, must-have-in-your-party-playlist song. Saturday’s corresponding track is “Playdate,” a smooth, easy-going track that will surely inspire listeners and fans to get out and enjoy the bright, sunny spring day. “Playdate” is  a cute, romantic song that will bring a smile to your face. The album winds down with “Lazy” as the last song, which is another chill R&B track. The weekend is finally coming to a close and “Lazy” is the perfect conclusion to the mini-album, as well as a reminder that the cycle will begin all over again!

With the clever concept of having a song for each day of the week, EXO-CBX brings a solid and highly recommendable spring mini-album to this year’s hot releases. If you have not gotten the chance to hear the album, please do check it out and give it a listen!

“Blooming Day” Title Score: 9.5/10

Music Video Score: 10/10

Blooming Days Album Score: 10/10

Overall Score: 9.8/10

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