Allow us to re-introduce UNI.T!

Allow us to re-introduce UNI.T!

Many viewers enjoyed watching The Unit when KBS opted to air their own survival show earlier this year. While the concept wasn’t entirely new, the show was enjoyed by the public as it portrayed a lighter and a more realistic take on the struggles of already debuted K-Pop acts. The show then gave birth to two new groups, the first one being the male winners UNB, along with UNI.T, the female group set to debut in the coming months!

Not Your Average Girl Group

The statistical composition of UNI.T is slightly different from previous idol survival program winners such as I.O.I and TWICE. While the latter two were made up of relatively younger members, more than half of UNI.T is comprised of members who are a few years older than your average rookie. With that fact in mind, it is possible for the group’s concept to be something on a more mature scale rather than a brighter concept. The situation could go the other way around, but it would then be a challenge for the group as the majority of the members hail from groups that are more or less focused on a girl crush concept and sexy side.

You May Have Heard Of The Ladies!

Lee Suji


The finale was an intense roller coaster of emotions, especially when it came to the announcement of 9th place. Battling then for the last seat in the group were former The Ark members Euna Kim and Lee Suji. Despite Euna’s overall popularity, it was Suji in the end who snagged the final spot and became UNI.T’s main rapper and main dancer! Suji became one of the show’s fan favorites as she tried out a lot of different concepts, being able to showcase her skill in pulling off just about any concept under the sun.

Notable performances: “Sweet,” and Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor



LABOUM’s ZN ranked 8th during the show’s finale, being able to secure a spot in the group as the lead dancer. As two other LABOUM members joined her in The Unit, people were placing their bets on Yujeong, who usually ranked the highest out of all the LABOUM members, rather than ZN, who consistently ranked from #15-#18. ZN eventually became the only LABOUM member to join the group, after she finally cracked the top nine for the first time during the show’s 16-week run. She was able to slowly rise in the rankings due to her consistent effort in becoming an all-rounder as shown by her dedicated character during practice sessions.

Notable performances: “Sweet” and Ariana Grande’s “Problem



UNI.T’s leader is Dalshabet’s Woohee, who finished at 7th place during the finale. Along with ZN, she is also the group’s lead dancer, adding on to her lead vocal and lead rapper positions. She competed in The Unit with Dalshabet’s Serri, but eventually became the more consistent ranker. Woohee, who is known for her bubbly character, is possibly the group’s most skilled member when it comes to the sexy concept, given Dalshabet’s past music and video releases. Her gorgeous visuals and well-rounded skills shined from the start, but it was her performance of “Sweet” that became the most memorable to many.

Notable performances: Block B’s “Jackpot,” and “Sweet

Yang Jiwon


The main character of The Unit’s first episode is SPICA’s Yang Jiwon, who earned a “super boot” with her performance of SPICA’s “Tonight.” She joins the group as the main vocalist, after weeks of showcasing great control over her vocal performances. During the finale, her other SPICA members showed their support by attending the live broadcast, immediately sparking nostalgia to many K-Pop fans and long-time “mercuries.”

Notable performances: JYP’s “Who’s Your Mama,” and MAMAMOO’s “You’re The Best

Lee Hyunjoo


Former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo finished at fifth place during the finale. Securing the sub-vocalist spot in the group, she is also known to be the brightest and cutest member of UNI.T. Hyunjoo almost didn’t enter the top nine as she ranked outside of the debut group two episodes prior to the finale, but her fans showed intense support as she jumped five places to number five during the final ranking.

Notable performances: “Always,” and Ariana Grande’s “Problem




Perhaps the biggest surprise of the finale is former HELLOVENUS member Yoonjo ranking at number four after weeks of ranking outside the Top 10. It was well-deserved, however, as she has been praised for having one of the best work ethics during the show’s entire run. Starting from the twenties, she managed to rise in ranking with each episode due to her stable performances, be it her quirky performance of JYP’s “Who’s Your Mama” or her ability to showcase her youthful charms in “Poco a Poco.”

Notable performances: JYP’s “Who’s Your Mama,” and “Poco a Poco



Being praised for her stage presence, NC.A earned a spot in the final group after coming in third place. Besides Yang Jiwon, NC.A is the group’s main vocalist, a position she rightfully earned not only due to her high vocal range, but also due to the terrific vocal performances she has done through her solo discography. Besides her vocal skills, NC.A has shown her team-player attitude on the show, which she is praised for through her performance of BIGBANG’s “Last Dance” and her winning performance in “Always.”

Notable performances: BIGBANG’s “LAST DANCE,” and “Always



Finishing at second place, DIA’s Yebin is UNI.T’s lead vocalist. Similar to NC.A, Yebin is hailed as one of the best female vocalists in The Unit due to her exceptionally high vocal range. She has always been one of the most popular contestants as well, never leaving the top three places ever since the first episode. In addition to her solid skills, she is also known for being a funny character, and having one of the most hilarious edits during the 12th episode, which showed her group clumsily preparing for their comical performance of “Cosmos.”

Notable performances: BIGBANG’s “LAST DANCE,” and “Cosmos



The unbeatable female first placer of The Unit is SONAMOO’s Euijin, who is the group’s main dancer. She has always been one of the most popular characters on the show, being able to snag the center role due to her enchanting dancing skills. Besides her ability to consistently deliver choreographies, she has proven that she also has the chops to back up a vocal performance. Alongside Woohee, Euijin also excels in the sexier, girl crush department, as proven by her performances of “Cherry On Top” and 4Minute’s “Crazy.”

Notable performances: “Cherry On Top,” and 4Minute’s “Crazy

Delivery? Check!

With the male winners of The Unit UNB debuting with “Sense,” anticipation for UNI.T has grown immensely, with the public being curious as to whether the girl group could deliver an album and choreography as slick as UNB’s. As the group is full of strong vocalists and solid performers, however, delivery is already a given. UNI.T’s only main challenge lies in choosing the perfect concept. As the members’ performing qualities differ from one another, it would be a challenge for the group to choose a concept that enables the sexy, more mature members and the younger, cuter members to blend together. Other than that, UNI.T is all set to become one of the strongest rookies of the year. Let’s hope they announce their debut soon!

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The Rogue Rouge, Amber

The Rogue Rouge, Amber