So Good, The Rose

So Good, The Rose

Rookie band The Rose amazed the crowd with their first mini-album Void. Making their way up to continue the legacy of K-Pop bands after F.T. Island, CNBLUE, DAY6, and more, The Rose is here to take over your rock spirit. It’s not a bad choice to fill up the empty void in your heart with these four amazing boys; after all, this group is full of limitless charms.



Prior to their most recent release, The Rose established a solid impression with their singles “Sorry” and “좋았는데 (Like We Used To).” A group with a unique sound, the four members affirmed their skills as producers, writers, and composers aside from their main role as artists.

The title track “BABY” is definitely a bop. The melody is captivating; with the overlying vocals of Woosung and Dojoon blending with the tune, the result leads to a mind-blowing harmony. The intense band sounds stimulate the heavily rock-based track to reach the emotional peak of a lover finally ending a relationship that has gone cold.

The music video is truly a visually attractive work of art. Starring all members (Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon, Jaehyeong), the film highlights the waves of emotions a person goes through during a tough time of heartbreak. The complementary colors assist in illustrating the rollercoaster of feelings demonstrated on the track. Despite the deep sorrowful lyrics of the song, the video incorporates a bright color scheme. Producing an aesthetically pleasing result, the lively hue successfully communicates the powerful flood of anger and disappointment felt in the song to the viewer. In the end, the repetition of the opening scene signifies the withering flower of love—a relationship coming to an end.

Roses of Different Shades

Taking a different turn in the K-Pop industry, The Rose is rolling on with their own band music. Clearly standing out among other artists, the band—inspired by other legendary figures like Coldplay and The Script —implements a stronger element of pop music. This is actually the group’s specialty and the key to their success; applying the whole vibe of different musical styles and transforming it into their own, The Rose is indeed a group to keep an eye on.


Void, the band’s first mini-album, consists of a total of eight tracks. Alongside the title song “BABY,” the group provides fans with two new tracks in addition to their previous releases. Each with a distinct style, it surely doesn’t disappoint.

“Candy (so good)” has an exciting vibe even from its intro; the upbeat rhythm sets up a lighthearted atmosphere. The group, failing in hiding their true feelings, expresses their unconditional affection towards their lover in this track.

“I.L.Y.” is the perfect serenade-type song. A serene track supported by a minimal amount of instruments, this is the song that will touch your heart. Suitable to be placed on your “sleep playlist” this calm yet sweet confession will shake you up (and most likely disturb your beauty sleep).

“Sorry” and “좋았는데 (Like We Used To)” are songs that were released as The Rose’s first and second singles last year. To find out more about these releases, check out this article here written by another beloved writer on the Kraze team!

Three instrumental versions are included to wrap up the album (a huge bonus for us fans!). The beautiful piano dominates the track “I.L.Y. (Inst.)” as the strings fill in the empty gaps to create a pleasing sound. “BABY (Inst.)” starts off subtly and later transitions into an exciting beat, emphasizing the role of Hajoon’s drums. In contrast, “Sorry (Inst.)” is fairly mellow. Although it may not be the most compelling rock sound, this instrumental gives off a sentimental vibe, leaving the listener behind with a lasting thought.

As much as the band continuously strived to reinforce their musical identity, Void is an album produced as a result of numerous challenges. Remaining in their style of band music but returning with a fresh sound, the group has started following the path to the top. Currently active on international tours, it’s not too late to find out more about The Rose through a firsthand experience.

Void Album Score: 10/10

“BABY” Title Score: 9/10

“BABY” Music Video Score: 9/10

Total Score: 9.3/10

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