The Best of SM Station

The Best of SM Station

SM Entertainment’s second season of their popular music project SM Station wrapped up earlier this month with its final single, NCT Ten’s “New Heroes.” However, throughout this last year, SM Station has released some incredibly strong weekly singles covered here on The Kraze—like The Solutions’ “All That You Want,” EXO Chen & 10cm’s “Bye Babe,” and NCT U’s “Timeless”—but there were other amazing tracks released this season that we feel need their own proper spotlight. Here are some of the strongest sleeper songs of SM Station season two!

Red Velvet - “Would U”

Letting Red Velvet open up the second installment of SM Station was the perfect choice. The first single of the season, “Would U,” is a masterclass of not only what Red Velvet does best, but what makes SM Station such a fun platform.

“Would U” is a twinkling, acoustic ballad with minimal instruments, which allows Red Velvet’s gorgeous vocals to really shine. The group harmonies in the song’s chorus are shiver-inducing, and only get better upon the second listen. The song is simple, sweet, and elegant, just like Red Velvet.

And that’s part of what makes SM Station so great—it’s a platform for artists to release songs that might be outside of their comfort zone or, simply, they may want the track to get the attention it deserves while juggling busy comeback schedules.

The music video for “Would U” features Irene as she waltzes through gorgeous seasonal landscapes on a scavenger hunt to find a handsome man.

Onew x Rocoberry - “Lullaby”

The real sleeper hit of the season, because it actually encourages sleep, is SHINee’s Onew & Rocoberry’s “Lullaby.”

Often times, people assume duets need to be huge, high-note-hitting ballads that show off everything singers have to offer. While those moments can be nice, there’s something equally as lovely in releasing a gentle, pure song like “Lullaby.” The amount of control needed to sing in such a high, soft tone shows off how talented these singers truly are in a quieter, more subdued fashion rather than through an over-the-top performance. It’s a delightfully simple song, but one that gives a sense of peace and tranquility to the listener.

The music video for “Lullaby” is just as peaceful as its single and features the duo singing along as they relax in a gorgeous, oceanside apartment. The entire video is tinted in a soft blue and adds dimension to the video’s story of missing someone you really loved.

Taeyong x Yoo Youngjin - “Cure”

Yoo Youngjin is a singer-songwriter and record producer for SM who has previously written and produced songs for artists ranging from H.O.T to NCT. He teamed up with NCT’s Taeyong for the upbeat, light rock track “Cure.”

This is Yoo Youngjin’s second Station track; he sang the seductive R&B duet “Tell Me (What Is Love)” with EXO’s D.O. last year. Coincidentally, “Cure” was also Taeyong’s second Station, having released “Around” with fellow SM producer Hitchhiker a few months prior.

Each artist gets proper time to shine in “Cure” in their own different way. Yoo Youngjin’s vocals are powerful and effortless, while Taeyong’s rap is soft and honest. Neither needs to strain to hit high notes or go overboard; “Cure” is a slow-burning, passionate rock song.

The music video shows images of Taeyong throughout his career, ranging from being a young trainee to a present-day idol, and highlights how hard he worked to get where he is now. It was his “wildest dreams to be the best of nothing” that got him to where he is today: his “finally happy end.”

"Dinner" - Suho & Jang Jaein

Last month, EXO’s Suho and Jang Jaein released two singles, “Do You Have A Moment?” and “Dinner,” that work together to tell a story. The first became a release for Jang Jaein, and the latter Suho’s contribution to SM Station. The use of a storyline for “Do You Have A Moment?” and “Dinner” was unique for the project, as it doesn’t often include a continuing storyline in its videos.

Their first single “Do You Have A Moment?” is the beginning of their love story and a happy-go-lucky song about falling in love at first sight in a coffee shop. The duo tiptoe around each other, imagining things they could say to get a conversation started and regretting their fashion choices of the day. All the while, a cute, quaint piano accompanies their soft vocal tones and complements the cozy, coffee shop-style song.

Their duet for SM Station, however, couldn’t be more different from the happy, pre-love jitters felt in “Do You Have A Moment?” In “Dinner,” the attraction between the two has faded to the point where it’s a chore to be together. The duo take turns narrating their awkward dinner and share the same realization: despite being in a relationship together, they both feel alone. The song’s lyrics are methodical, chronicling the time it takes for them to finish eating, but the music that surrounds the lyrics is dreamy, atmospheric R&B. The melody is as soft and distant as the relationship, eventually quietly wrapping up as the two agree to break up.

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