SNUPER Brings “Tulips” For You

SNUPER Brings “Tulips” For You

With their fifth mini-album BLOSSOM, SNUPER brings the soft summer vibes just in time for the seasonal change.


SNUPER sweetly evoked the heart-fluttering emotions through their title track “Tulips.”

Generally taking on songs with an ‘80s vibe, the boys challenged themselves to new music through this comeback. Although the group may be unfamiliar to some, the song’s identity as a mixed genre track with incorporations of hip-hop and house elements made it an appealing approach for the public to take towards SNUPER.

Catching on with the trend, the dreamlike beginning especially drew the listeners in; the soothing vocals and raps added a soft feeling onto the song overall even with the powerful distinct beats running in the background. Despite the presence of strikingly contrasting sounds, the harmonization and blending of all these elements produced an amazing result: “Tulips.”

The music video correlates to the theme of the title song in multiple aspects. The filter elicits an emotion of sincere love of youth (making you feel awfully soft). The wide variety of colors included inscribed an impression as strong as the choreography. Like how the colors are mentioned, it’s easier for the viewer to imagine the message of each flower as they can visually see the shades of the tulips. The dance also implements the meaning of the lyrics, and this serves to be an essential part of the film as visual appeals, such as the flowy, contemporary-like movements, demonstrate a better understanding of the inescapable depth of love.


Part of a mini-album of six songs, the title “Tulips” was not a bad transition from the two contrasting concepts of SNUPER’s comebacks—a funky dance track to a song of endearment. The rest of the songs successfully played their role in setting a clear musical difference among themselves while coming together to represent a common message, strengthening the idea of love.


In fact, “Blossom (Intro)” is the type of intro you would hear in the beginning of a cute romance drama. The whole concept of confession and love is noticeable even at the start as the melodious tune pleases the ears. With this, prepare your heart and expect the unexpected.

“내눈에는 니가” highlights the astonishing beauty of their love. Showing appreciation for their love interests’ existence, the group expresses the happiness they feel; surely, your heart will start racing during the transition of the full song.

“VV (Very Very)” is a trap-based song. Clearly stepping away from the sweet image of SNUPER, the boys show off their powerful characters. The upbeat rhythm, carrying the high tension throughout the whole track, excites the listeners; I guarantee, the catchy melody will keep you humming throughout the day.

A sweet track of an uplifting, warm atmosphere, “Wonderland” comforts their lovers with affection. The boys’ genuine and innocent endearment serves as the best element for showing SNUPER’s dedicated love for one person.

A nice conclusion to the album, “Tulips (Inst.)” provides the listeners with time to calm down their beating hearts. With this, the story of love has come to an end.


The group has been underappreciated in comparison to their talents and skills. However, their most recent exposure to the public through The Unit brought more attention to this release. Covering a wide scale of musical genres, the boys surely imprinted an impression on the public. With their continuously growing potential to convey a variety of messages through their songs, SNUPER started off their new journey along with their fifth mini-album—now, it’s time to BLOSSOM.

BLOSSOM Album Score: 9/10

“Tulips” Title Score: 9/10

“Tulips” Music Video Score: 8/10

Total Score: 8.6/10

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