It’s Time to Get to Know THE BOYZ

It’s Time to Get to Know THE BOYZ

12 boys indeed proved their pathway to their rising fame. Although only a rookie group of four months, THE BOYZ sweeped the top of the physical album charts with their second mini-album, The Start.

“Giddy Up”


A song that contrasts from their debut song “Boy,” “Giddy Up” integrates a combination of dance and funky pop to bring the energetic characters of the boys to life. This title song has a dynamic and lively tone; it’s definitely a mood lifter! All of the vocals and rappers’ unique features are noticeable throughout the song. With the rappers dominating the track (as always) along with the charming vocals singing about their passionate spirit, “Giddy Up” becomes a track full of energy.


The music video is a nice addition to the energetic song. The opening scene is at an arcade, the screen showing the words “Stage 1” and “Start!” The use of the one-take method adds to the diversity of the camera work, building up to an exciting atmosphere as the stages of the game progresses. The costumes play a big part in developing style. While the costumes match the setting, they also give off the feeling of youth. As much as THE BOYZ themselves represent youth, their clothing shows the retro concept and the group’s identity. Stepping away from the visual perspective of the music video elements, the boys perform the strong, sharp, and intense choreography perfectly as they carry the same energy throughout the track. Fully transforming into 12 bubbly boys, THE BOYZ show off their spirited characters.

Second Mini-Album: The Start 


The Start has a total of five tracks, excluding the title “Giddy Up.” Take a quick listen to the full album—it’s probably way better than your expectations.

“The Start” signifies the beginning of THE BOYZ’s journey. Although no words are spoken, this song gives us a lively introduction to the group.

“Text Me Back” highlights the sweet vocals of the group. A track based on a nu-disco/electronic genre, it talks about a boy’s honest, heartwarming confession to his friend. The bright, upbeat rhythm of the song clearly represents the heart-fluttering sensation of being in love and waiting for an answer through text.

“Just You” is a melodious track the artists dedicated to their fans. This fan song, following “I’m Your Boy” from their debut album The First, expresses the boys’ emotions and gratitude. Lyrics such as “I’m thankful that the reality is like my dream” and “Just you / It feels like love because it’s just you” highlight the group’s wholehearted love for their fans.

Starting off with a series of piano sounds, THE BOYZ sings with hope of bringing back their lover in “Back 2 U.” This sorrowful song is a great example of seeing how the group can suit a different style of music. The rappers show a considerably slow-paced rap in sync with the downtempo track, allowing a smooth transition from singing back to raps and vice versa. Communicating the message that he will hold her in his arms no matter what, hearing this track will definitely leave you in a melancholy state.

The Start mini-album concludes with “Get It.” This song begins with a modern vibe. Featuring PRIMARY in the production team along with bekuhBOOM, plusNONE, 1of1, and more, this trap/EDM track switches back and forth, leaving a strong impact on the listener. The base initially begins with a steady rhythm overlying the soft, harmonious tune; however, the base transforms along with the song’s progression into the highlight and stresses on the steady rhythm while bringing in EDM elements. This unexpected alteration in “Get It” makes it even better!

The start of this year brought countless music releases, blessing all of us K-Pop fans. With the trend of rising rookie groups, THE BOYZ successfully made their return with The Start after their debut album. The group is already in the process of blooming into one of South Korea’s top idols. With their future appearances and releases, there’s a high chance that we’ll see them as a major icon of the K-Pop waves. But, remember, this is only the start—let’s giddy up and wait for the time to come.

The Start Album Score: 8/10

“Giddy Up” Title Song Score: 8.5/10

Music Video Score: 8.5/10

Total Score: 8.3/10



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