K-Pop Conversion Step 5: Dark Appeal

K-Pop Conversion Step 5: Dark Appeal

The K-Pop community continues to grow, reaching as far as the other side of the world. With more acts breaking into the Western music scene, audiences are increasingly becoming aware of K-Pop and are rapidly showing interest. Time and time again, this specific formula for dragging others into the hype of the Hallyu Wave has proven totally successful.

This week we will take a look at some of the darker concept releases, which are particularly intriguing to those who have been a part of the metal, emo, or scene revolution of the early 2000s (like yours truly). Show your friends that K-Pop isn’t just stereotypical bubble-gum pop with the following tracks!

“Chase Me” - Dreamcatcher

As the quintessential horror group, Dreamcatcher is synonymous with the dark concept, and is the first girl group to really focus on a heavy metal sound behind their vocals. Their music is very reminiscent of the popular metal music days of the mid-2000s. It will not only spark interest with their unique sound, but will also elicit a nice dose of nostalgia for older fans that remember those metal days fondly.

“도깨비” - CLC

It doesn’t get much fiercer than CLC’s “도깨비.” With influence from label mate HyunA’s fierce and sexy themes, CLC came out and destroyed the world with this concept and skyrocketed into the spotlight. We all love the badass lady concept, and if your target is adverse to the usual cute concepts, they’re bound to love this track.

“Black on Black” - NCT

Black, black, and even more black. Who doesn’t love black? Who wouldn’t love 18 talented boys dancing in all black? Okay, maybe dodge the actual member number at first and just introduce this addictive track and mesmerizing choreography from NCT. Nothing is quite as intense as the beat of “Black on Black”; the entirety of the song is rap, which just adds to the hard-hitting beat, since there aren’t any vocals to soften the overall feeling.

“Voodoo Doll” - VIXX

*Warning: Graphic Content

Oh, she’s talking about VIXX’s “Voodoo Doll” again? Yes, yes I am, and I will never shut up about it. “Voodoo Doll” was one of the first songs to convert my strictly heavy-metal listener self. Its unique and dark concept was darker than anything I had ever seen before. Intense is too mild of a word to describe “Voodoo Doll,” which is likely to capture the heart of anyone that prefers darker themes over the happy, bubbly ones. The song was definitely a pioneer in its concept and pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable not just in K-Pop, but in music in general.

“Warrior” - B.A.P

B.A.P’s debut track “Warrior” has certainly established the group’s signature mastery of intense songs and dark themes. With choreography that involved fighting and alluded to gun violence, B.A.P was definitely pushing the boundaries like VIXX. The mastery of rap from Yongguk and Zelo stirs a feeling in me reminiscent of an intense metal track, which is probably why I was also drawn to it in the first place. “Warrior” truly goes off, and it’s difficult to not find yourself addicted to its intensity.

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